Antonio L Rodríguez del Pozo in Best Music Tracks Ever, Jazz Music Consultor Senior de Medios de Pago Nov 2, 2017 · 1 min read · +300

The last entries into the flock

I have no laptop  as the project I was involved into ended one week ago. I am on the way to buy a new one, thus  need to use a tablet to share with you new and former stuff. I promise you the best  of my efforts.  I am on the process to write a producer but need some time.

Triyng to share this stuff as simple buzzes but as these drones have been bitten by the quality sting, are setting things a bit complex.

Meanwhile would like to share some newcomers. Until I Will be able to stick the stuff as buzzes and at the same time use a word counter to be sure I am posting the minimum required.

Do not consider that aiming to share some tracks I will need to write down an essay to win te Nobel Prize.

The last entries into the flock

Bees,  I am not losing my mind but there is a fucking pop  up warning me to write a minimum of 220 words. And can not remember what other sort of nonsenses. 

It is required images quality, again I just intended to share some stuff, not to win the World Press Photo.


Think  I have got  it. Seems to be no yet bees. Not sure if it is related to the number of characters or what. Keep on trying.