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What does music mean to me?

I have made this question myself sometimes along my life, and always I got the same answer: “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” Does it sounds familiar to you Bees?

Believe me, it is not a question of meanings, but feelings. I remember myself when I was just a child snooping my father singles collection, he is a Flamenco fan, I like Flamenco too, (but not to be considered as a fan), and specially the flamenco guitarists.

When partying over my teens I always was the one on duty to manage the music, what is worldwide known as a dj, either with my own collection or with the vinyls the owner of the house had at that time available.

What does music mean to me?

I still remember the first vinyl I bought with my own money, was Jethro Tull “too old to Rock ‘n’ Roll: too young to die!” by having a look to the cover you could understand why.

Over my early teens I was almost exclusively listen to R ´n´B & Funk, I always thought that after listening Sex Machine (the 15 minutes version) from Mr. Dynamite, The Godfather of Soul, The hardest working man in show business, AKA James Brown it landmarked my musical future.

Then time is passing over and usually R ‘n’ B led to jazz, gradually you give up radicalisms and start to listen or return to other kind of styles and at the same time you are getting older you also experienced different musical