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Protecting your child from heatstroke and COVID-19: Planning indoor activities to keep them engaged

Summer is a fun time for kids and if you are parenting a toddler, you must be well aware of how difficult it is to manage your little one during summer. They just want to go out and play, and may even become fussy about it. We are all well aware of the heatwave and how dangerous it is for adults, let alone for kids. As such it is very important to stop your little one from going out. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more important to do the same. Although the lockdown is over in many parts, we cannot deny the fact that it is still not safe to go out. Teachers from the bestplayschool in Ghaziabad suggest that by planning fun indoor activities for your kids you can easily keep them engaged and stop them from going out without any fuss.

For this, it is important to understand what interests your child the most. Once you figure that out, you can plan the activities accordingly. To make sure that your child does not get bored, it is important to experiment and not stick to the same routine every day. Divide the activities for the week. As per the teachers from the best pre-school in Nehru Nagar Ghaziabad, it is easier to engage the kids when the parents take part in such activities. This will also help you to strengthen your bond with your little one. Here are a few activities that you should definitely try

Protecting your child from heatstroke and COVID-19: Planning indoor activities to keep them engaged

Painting – Well, painting and drawing are activities most of the children love to do even if they are not good at it. You hand over a crayon to your child and his/her imagination starts to touch the sky. Try something different from regular painting. Get your child a canvas and colored chalks. Ask them to draw whatever they want and you will guess what it is. You can even write down a few things on small chits and select randomly. Whatever object is mentioned on the chit, you both have to draw it. Make sure you only mention easy things like apple, ball, doll, flower, cake, etc which your child can try and draw.

Cooking – A little leader can be a little chef too. This does not mean that your child will prepare a three-course meal if you let him/her help you in the kitchen. But he/she can surely give you a helping hand. For instance, your little champ can select the veggies for the salad and help you wash them. You can chop these and ask your child to mix all the ingredients. Make your child feel that their role is important and that you really appreciate their help.

Treasure hunt – give your child a small list of things that he/she needs to find in a fixed time. Hide these things in places that are easily accessible and safe. The longer your child takes to find these things, the better as this will keep him/her occupied for longer.