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What to post on #SocialMedia?

Running out of ideas as to what to post on #SocialMedia?

These are Great ideas broken down by day of the week!


Simple Posting Schedule- 

what to post on #SocialMedia?


Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 11/1/2017 · #16

#12 @April Lynn, thank you, your too kind!

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April Lynn 11/1/2017 · #15

#14 thank you, so glad to hear @Devesh Bhatt! :)

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Devesh Bhatt 11/1/2017 · #14

#13 for the first interaction, your energy is amazing and contagious. Thank you.

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April Lynn 11/1/2017 · #13

#11 So happy if helps in some way, please let me know how may best support your efforts: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, .Pinterest, or Angel List, I'm in!!! Desire to support connected, authentic, and deserving bees on #beBee
...or any other platform!! Thrilled to promote You and Your Passions. :) 🍯🐝💤 Blessings #inProgress Spent years building authentic , organic following at your disposal. Believe #UnitedWEThrive! Best Always, April L.

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April Lynn 11/1/2017 · #12

#10 You remind me of your commitment to chosen ambassadorship, It is why you were chosen and who you are with your comments and shares offering acceptance of those you reply to and wish to make feel validated. True Appreciation and Love for you, who You are, your efforts, and Dedication Lisa! You are a gift to those who receive your intent on this platform. Prosperous 2017 wishes,
April L.

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Devesh Bhatt 10/1/2017 · #11

Oh my, I often end up rolling all of them into one. The masala mindset. Nice advice. Time to make my own calendar.

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Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 10/1/2017 · #10

#9 One of my favorite sayings @April Lynn, "We ARE ALL works in progress," it's good when we can recognize that. I sure make my share of mistakes and hope to keep learning from them. I thought by my age I'd be close to perfect (joking) but seriously, when we stop learning, we stop living. Thank you for your kind comment too!

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April Lynn 10/1/2017 · #9

#3 You are too kind Lisa!
If anything I've learned, from those wiser than I, fewer words allow others to unleash and grow their creativity.
My Personal position/preference was never the point; it was freedom to decide what and how works best for individual reader. It's merely thought-provoking food to prompt what already lies within others (direction of application). There is no better direction than one's own perception of individual progress to meet their goals and needs. "Take what is needed and leave the rest; we are all works #inProgress." Thoroughly appreciate your comment and generous encouragement Lisa.

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