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Why You Should Treat Employees Like Your Best Customers.

Why You Should Treat Employees Like Your Best Customers.

In a competitive market, customer loyalty is everything. Keep your customers coming back for more and encourage them to become loyal brand advocates, and profitable growth is a given.

The same is true of employee loyalty. Your staff are on the frontline, serving customers, or they’re supporting customer experience behind the scenes. They represent your brand and bring it to life. And their personal experience of your brand follows the same journey as your customer’s.

So let’s see how you can improve that experience at every moment of truth, from hiring onwards. Because if you do, you’ll have happy, engaged employees – which means they’ll be more productive, efficient and loyal, and they’ll become your best brand advocates.

Phase 1. Awareness and consideration

When a customer begins considering your product or service as an option, it all comes down to how they perceive your brand. It’s the same for recruitment. What does your employer brand look like? Do you have an internal value proposition your staff understand and share? How do you build awareness of the benefits of working with your organisation?

The truth is, the best talent has a choice about who they work for. They’re looking for a positive workplace culture, and by making your employee value proposition clear you define ‘what it’s like to work here’.

Start by answering the most important question staff rarely voice: what’s in it for me? The real answer is never just about salary – it’s about shared values, experiences, opportunities and all the other benefits you provide.

Phase 2. The moment of purchase

Just as marketing and sales pay close attention to customer experience at that all important moment of conversion, it’s HR’s responsibility to make onboardi