Blogs refer to the site which is informational and contain different types of information. Blogs are of different types and are written different topics. Depending on what the blogs are based upon or what topics they are based upon, they contain information related to the subject.
Hence, blogs are of great help and the blog writer tries to do all they can to make their blogs very interesting to read so that they can attract a large group of audience. The blog sites are also made as attractive as possible. The layout, the text, and content, etc. are all very important factors when it comes to writing a blog post and maintaining a site.
Blog sites have even been a source of earning for people and the bloggers now earn a handsome amount of money depending on the amount of audience that they attract.

5 CONTENT WRITING TOOLS FOR BLOGGERS: The content writing tools for bloggers are a ‘’key’’ for them. These tools have made blog writing quite easier. There are 5 very famous tools which have been mentioned below and which are the most commonly used. These tools are extremely helpful and blogs cannot be completed or written without the use of these essential tools.
These tools are free at an initial point but for premium access, some amount has to be paid.
1- Grammar Checker:
Online Grammar Checker has made it extremely easy to check your mistakes and correct them. If one makes mistakes and does not notice them while writing their blogs, they can easily do it and inspect for mistakes with the help of grammar checker. These are available online and you do not have to download it to use it.

This is a very helpful tool. This tool helps you to schedule your posts and posting them has been made very fast and easy with this tool. Scheduling and designing your posts is not hard at all now.

A buffer is a very powerful tool. Buffer helps you not only to design your files efficiently but also helps you to know which ‘’time’’ will be very effective for you to post your content and the time which will attract the viewers.

If you want to make your blog look very attractive, and colorful as it is extremely essential to attract a large audience, then you can perfectly do it with this super amazing tool named, canva. Canva will instantly change your blog and fill it with different shades of numerous different colors. This tool helps you add images, infographics and provides you with countless other features.

If you have multiple blogs; it is very tough for a single person to write and manage content for blogs more than 4. Paraphrasing Tool helps you write a unique text.

This tool helps you add different colored cards and graphics to your blogs very easily. This app is very easy to use and is present easily online. It enables you to post files with the help of ‘’google drive’’.

This app is very commonly used and many bloggers prefer this because they find this app very helpful and has a very high star rating.