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12 Things That Make You Unproductive and How to Fix Them

12 Things That Make You Unproductive and How to Fix Them

There are only two ways to success: work hard or work smart. Often times we see people who work smart achieve their goals earlier than the rest. You cannot work for the whole 24 hours of your day, right? The human body has its limitations. Just as a lamp that has been lit for too long burns out at the end. You have to utilize whatever time is available and also have regular breaks. But it also becomes tough to stay productive in your work. Some people always have trouble maintaining their productivity. The reason is they are not being smart at their work. Something always comes up to distract them away from work. But relax we are going to tell you about 12 things that make you unproductive and how to fix them.

1. No Commitment

Commitment is the main element of success. Many people are not committed to their work. Especially for those who are running their own business. They are either not serious or they have too much going own. If you want to be productive in your life, you need to have some level of commitment in your life. It gives you a sense of responsibility in your life. It all about your mindset. A person who shows commitment to their work is sure to succeed in life.

2. Being Unrealistic

Another thing that ails many of us is the fact that we have unrealistic goals in life. You’ll burn out even if you are committed to achieving such goals. According to research, 92% of us who set new year goals don’t ever achieve them. It is good to challenge yourself to exceed your limits. But goals that are too tough don’t help you either. Our advice is to be realistic both at work and in your personal life. Set yourself goals that are not too ambitious. Taking one step at a time will save you from getting burn out and also help your productivity.

3. No Planning

Let’s say you are committed to achieving your goals in life. You are also not over-ambitious. But you still fail. Why? Many people start working without a proper plan in place. Success is the essence of hard work but not without a plan. It is just like going on a journey without knowing how to. The end result is that you don’t get too far. The same is true for many online services. You are running a digital marketing campaign for your carpet cleaning service in London. You have not thought about how you are going to market your platform. Your content doesn’t mention carpet cleaners London anywhere. The result is that your business doesn’t show up in online searches.

4. Being Overconfident

Overconfident people are also unproductive in their life. Their overconfidence makes them believe they can do anything in life. This results in having too high standards even for themselves. They are too focused on their ability to do anything that they don’t do it at all. Just like a talented person may never be as successful as they should be. You should never be overconfident in life if you want to be productive in life.

5. Being Undisciplined

Discipline is another thing that helps you in being productive in life. Discipline is necessary to have not just at work but at your home. A person whose household is messed up always feel restless at work. They are always in a bad mood. According to a study, a person wastes 4.3 hours a week due to a messed up desk. These unproductive hours can be avoided if discipline is observed in life.

6. Laziness

One thing that you must avoid is laziness. It can eat up most of your productive hours. How can you avoid it? Take regular breaks. Workout every once in a while if not daily. Workout helps you in relieving all the work-related pressure. Fear of failure can also make you lazy. Do not let your fears drive your life. Even if you fail, you will learn something new. Improper diet can also cause you to be lazy. Taking in too many carbs is not good for health. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water. Following a proper diet will surely help your productivity.

7. Not Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines are there to help you be committed to your work. You are able to work efficiently when you have a deadline to meet. It is okay if you missed one or maybe two deadlines. But it becomes an issue when you start missing deadlines every now and then. It hurts your standing with your employers when you are being unproductive. If you want to be more productive at work you should start taking deadlines more seriously.

8. Compromising Too Much

Some of us have a habit of saying yes to everyone and everything. It becomes an issue when people start using it against us. If hurts your productivity when you are always busy doing favors for others. In the end, you are left with less time to do your own work. It is good that you are compassionate to others. But you need to keep yourself first. Only then you will be able to be more productive at your work.

9. Working Round the Clock

It is important to ensure work-life balance in life. A report suggests that every one employee out of four puts in more than ten hours a week. Recent times have made it almost impossible to ensure work-life balance. But you cannot compromise on your health. You can only work so long as you are healthy. Otherwise, you will become paralyzed by the hectic routine of your life. Work-life balance is equally important to ensure that you are productive in life.

10. Social Media

A study tells us that 3 hours a day is the average social media usage today. You can utilize these hours to do other productive things. People waste too much of their time on social media checking notifications and emails. This causes you to lose focus on the actual work at hand. You have to put sit extra time in the office since you missed your deadlines. If you want to be productive, you need to limit your social media usage at work.

11. Underestimating Yourself

Low confidence is another thing that hurts you in your life. Almost 95% of people are found to be underestimating themselves. There is a capability in all of us to do anything. But that capability is of no use if we keep doubting in ourselves. We are afraid of taking on new challenges in life. At work also, we are afraid to take responsibility. You have to be confident in yourself if you want to achieve anything in life.

12. Not Prioritizing Things

You have a list of tasks to finish but you have no idea of what to do first. You waste too much time thinking about what to do. This can also hurt your productivity in life. You should be able to prioritize things. At work, you should organize your tasks with respect to their priority. Tasks that are most important should be done first. Then you can take up the remaining less important task. The same is for your personal life. Not prioritizing things is an unproductive attitude which you need to correct.

Final Word

It is important for you to focus on the thing at hand. If you are at work, concentrate on work only. If you are at home, be there not just physically but also mentally. A successful person knows what his priorities are. He is also able to act on his priorities. These things are a sign of an unproductive person. If you find any of it in your routine, it should sound the alarm by now.