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Lin Liquan False physician crack down by Young Merry Real

With the rapid development of the medical cosmetology industry, the safety and standardization of medical cosmetology have been brought into social focus. In recent years, the country has gradually stepped up its efforts to crack down on illegal medical cosmetology. However, driven by interests, medical cosmetology chaos still prevails.

False physician

In March this year, eight ministries and commissions including the National Health Commission jointly issued the Special Action Plan for the Rectification of Medical Chaos aiming at strengthening medical order and cracking down and rectifying medical chaos such as medical fraud and false propaganda. It also proposes to legally get tough with physicians’ renting, lending and transferring of Physician’s Practice License, medical institutions’ transaction, transferring and renting of Medical Institution’s Practice License or Physician’s Practice License, as well as conducting of diagnosis and treatment activities beyond the scope of registration, manufacturing and selling of fake medicines and other violations of laws and regulations.

Interest driving as the major cause for a plenty of medical cosmetology chaos

Qian Yongbo, Manager of the Legal Affairs Department of Young Merry Real International Group, is in a media interview

Manager Qian of the Legal Affairs Department of Young Merry Real revealed that there are three common types of medical cosmetology chaos: the first is non-cosmetic institutions undertake medical cosmetology projects; the second is non-practicing physicians are engaged in medical cosmetology projects; and the third is the proliferation of non-qualified products. In the plastic surgery advertisements that are commonly seen in the Circle of Friends, many of those so-called beauticians are simply trained in the “7-day mini-plastic surgery training class”, and most of the teachers in the training class are not qualified for occupational and training courses. Therefore, it is commonly for deceived consumers to go from “beautified” to “disfigured”. Take the Young Merry’s plastic bodies as an example, the annual plastic repair cases account for about 5% of the institution’s cosmetic surgery. Manager Qian said that most of these were caused by operation of unqualified physicians, especially the plastic surgery of eyes and nose, as a result, cases of failed plastic surgery often occurred due to lack of standardization.

Lin Liquan False physician crack down by Young Merry Real

Sharpen your vigilance, it is critical to identify physicians’ and institutions’ qualification

What market are “fake physicians” mainly concentrated in? Manager Qian said that “fake physicians” mainly appear in illegal practicing places such as hotels, beauty salons or studios. “Before accepting a plastic surgery, consumers should check if the physician holds a physician’s practice license, and be aware that the nurse should have a nursing certificate and the injection for medical cosmetology should not be performed by a nurse.”

He pointed out that a qualified medical cosmetic institution is required to hold a medical institution’s practice license and own medical staff registered in the institution. “When checking the medical institution’s practice license, it is essential to determine if there is a Medical Cosmetology Department, because it involves the management and regular qualification of medical apparatus and pharmaceuticals, and also determine if there is a Cosmetic Surgery Department, with which cosmetic surgical operations can be performed.”


Since entering Chinese market for 17 years, Artecoll has always adhered to “designated hospitals and designated physicians.”

Artecoll does not have any agents or intermediary distributors, the products of which are sold only in authorized hospitals, and are not supplied to any unauthorized organizations or individuals. All products from any other channels are counterfeit.

For information about Artecoll authorized hospitals, please visit the official website at, on which the published ones shall prevail.

Guangzhou Haizhu District Shengminghui Medical Clinic Co., Ltd. has never been authorized by Artecoll, nor were any Artecoll products sold by our company to it.

Recently, Young Merry Real published a statement on its Official Accounts stating that, Lin Liquan, one of its formerly employed clinic physicians, has ceased to serve in our clinic since April 28, 2016, and solemnly declaring that, since the date of this statement, all of his medical business activities outside are individual acts.

Announcement Letter

Dear customers,

The former Taiwanese physician Lin Liquan of our clinic has ceased to serve in our clinic since April 28, 2016 for his unilateral termination of the cooperation relationship. We solemnly declare that, since the date of this statement, all of his medical business activities outside are individual acts, and any caused economic loss has nothing to do with our clinic. If he committed any act that could affect the benefits and reputation of our clinic, we will pursue his legal responsibility.

Thank you all dear customers for your consistent support on us!

Hereby declare!

30 JUN 2016

Qianhe Medical Cosmetology Clinic of Hangzhou Guming Cultural & Artistic Planning Co., Ltd.

According to the person in charge of the Legal Affairs Department of Young Merry Real, the reason for the statement was that Young Merry Real received a complaint from a customer called Ms. L in 2017 that she spent hundreds of thousands of costs on plastic surgery, but after which she was identified as a Minor Injury Level II. Upon investigations by Young Merry Real, it was observed that Dr. Lin Liquan, whom Ms. L complained about, was no longer working in the institution. After leaving the clinic, Lin Liquan ever solicited business in the name of “Young Merry Real”, and Ms. L was right one of the deceived consumers. Lin’s behavior has constituted a fraud.

According to relevant information, “Young Merry Real” beauty institution was established in Hangzhou in 1993, which was honored as a five-star international medical cosmetology clinic provided with business segments such as brand image operation center, hospital management, health management and cultural & artistic planning. It is a famous brand in the domestic plastic surgery industry. The person in charge of Young Merry Real International Group owning the “Young Merry Real” brand said that, taking advantage of his working experience in Young Merry Real, Lin Liquan took away the company’s customer information without authorization when he resigned, established a fake medical institution called “XX INTERNATIONAL” in Guangzhou that imitated Young Merry Real, and has been conducting cosmetic business activities externally in the name of Young Merry Real. It is reported that the victim Ms. L has reported it to the police, and Young Merry Real International Group also issued a statement stating that it will pursue the legal responsibilities of those getting involved.

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