Buying Whey Protein: A Definitive Guide

Whey protein, a mixture of alpha lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, immunoglobins and bovin serum albomin is consumed as supplementation along with resistance exercises. The immediate benefits associated with whey protein are weight loss and growth of lean muscle mass. Choosing the best whey protein in india for your needs isn’t really an arbitrary exercise. There is a series of considerations that you need to make before buying whey protein.

Buying Whey Protein: A Definitive Guide

The Type of Whey Protein You Need

At the very onset, one must acquaint oneself with the fact that there are 3 types of whey protein powders available in India. Whey Protein Concentrate remains the cheapest with the least share of protein present. Per 100 gm contains around 29 to 89% whey protein. Then there is Whey Protein Isolate, containing around 90% protein, hence is lightly costlier than whey protein concentrate. Whey protein hydrolysate constitutes 99% protein and is more expensive compared to the other two types mentioned here. Though it can be digested very easily, its taste isn’t liked by many.

So, you should choose in accordance with your preference in terms of protein content, taste and your budget.

Prioritize the Nutritional Value

Read the label carefully before buying. Make sure that the product you’re choosing for yourself has minimal fat, just the right amount of carbs (if you’re trying to lose weight it should be less and if you’re looking to bulk up, it should be more) and of course higher level of protein.

What Exactly are you Trying to Achieve?

Different people have different expectations from whey protein. While some are looking to gain lean muscle mass, there are others looking to bulk up. The ingredients backing different products serve different purposes. You should choose a product accordingly. After all, weight watchers and body builders don’t choose the same product! Now you know that there are reasons for the same!

Which brand should you choose?

That should ideally depend on the kind of research you have conducted. The best whey protein powder in India is the one which is chosen with prudence. There is no dearth of brands that deal into whey protein powder. However, you should only choose a brand after surveying its background thoroughly. This is especially recommended for those who are buying whey protein for the first time in your life. There are several people who can help you regarding your purchase – your fitness trainer or a friend who is into fitness and takes whey protein regularly, or for that matter, experts, who can easily be reached through social media. Once you take all considerations in view, you can go ahead with your purchase. And, once you find that a particular products suits you, you can stick to it unless your fitness goals change with time.

The best in the business should be able to offer you ample tips based on your fitness preferences, the quality offered by the brands, their own experiences with different products and of course your budget. So, make sure you aren’t skipping the research bit at any cost. Your homework serves as the foundation of your choice and usually its consequences as well.

Winding Up…. with An Important Tip

This is something which most of the laymen out there are likely to miss. Do not be swayed by products with too many ingredients. In fact, one should religiously avoid products with gluten, soy and excess sugar. Even if you’re selecting products with these ingredients, make sure they’re used minimally.


Hopefully, the definitive guide offered here will help you amply in your search. The best whey protein powder can be purchased online as well as offline.

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