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Which are The Most Demanding Foreign Language ?

LANGUAGE plays a vital role in communication nowadays that is why people need translators who can translate more than one languages. Yes, I know it seems so easy to be a translator and earn more and more but everything needs something in return and it demands your hard work but after the hard work you put on your language learning you will definitely get what you are thinking of yes, highly paid job. But Yes you have to choose foreign language first from the topmost demanding foreign language it seems an easy task but choosing a wrong foreign language can make your career stats down that is why you need to search first and see what is in demand or right for you. Yes i know what are you thinking if it is hard then why I am suggesting it for a better career because It is hard but not impossible all you need to do is be focused on one language until you'll be able to understand its grammar, writing skills, speaking skills, listening which is the most important and lastly reading.. 

Today will tell you the best foreign language courses in demand nowadays. But before get starting to have you made your mind, how will you choose a perfect foreign language to learn if not then you can read three aspects of how to decide what language to learn by yourself. All you have to do is read carefully and apply all the points...


As we know the demand for foreign language is really high from last many years. learning a foreign language will boost your career and if you want to make a career in foreign languages then you should go step by step. 

 Which are The Most Demanding Foreign Language ?


  • When we think about learning a new foreign language, the first language comes to our mind is German because of its demands in IT Sectors, institutions etc.
  • Germany has also the largest economy in the European Union. 
  • German, English, French are official languages also one of the smartest choices for people who want to learn a foreign language for career...

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  • As I said before FRENCH is one of the official language and the smartest choice. 
  • According to the British Council, there are 50% of businesses in the UK looking for people who can speak and write in foreign language and English as well. 

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  • The Spanish language considered the second highest or common speaking language and the 3rd common language on the internet.
  • when question occur which is the best foreign language for getting a job,  Spanish is a job oriented course which will take your only 600 hours means in 6 months you will be able to speak Spanish. 
  • For English speakers, it will be a good option. 

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  • The Japanese language is one of my favorite languages and being Japanese language learner I think I've made the right decision of choosing it because Japanese is a language where you can learn 3 types of scripts which is interesting that is why Japanese is one of the Most demanding foreign languages in India
  • Japanese is in high demand these days around the world and mostly in India. 
  • Japan is known for the technology, anime (Japanese cartoons), games and so on, I must say there are many options waiting for your career.

 Benefits of learning the Japanese language...



  • Chinese or Mandarin is an official language of China and most widely spoken the language in the world. 
  • Though Chinese or Mandarin is not that easy but yes worth learning if you are planning to learn a foreign language for career purpose. Not just Chinese any of these Top Foreign Languages which are mention here is worth learning because of there demand and growing business.

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  • 6th most popular foreign language to learn is Arabic noo wonder why more than 400 million people can speak fluently in the Arabic language. There are 200 native speakers around the world. 
  • There are few countries like Japan or some Arabic countries where you barely go around with just English here you have to see their culture and learn their languages to live friendly their country because they are less outsider welcoming countries but Arabic speakers love to hold conversations with English speakers and that what it makes  Top foreign language for a career and it will be helpful for you if you can speak Arabic and want to practice to speak more fluently.

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These are the most useful languages to learn or the top foreign languages you should learn. But if you're confused in choosing one foreign language for yourself then you can decide by THREE aspects of what foreign language is right for me and then you can select the one from these popular languages according to your requirements. 

[ If you haven't made a decision yet so you can comment down below and leave your queries, I'll be very glad to answer all of them...]
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