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How to Travel Switzerland on a Budget

How to Travel Switzerland on a Budget

Switzerland, a country revered for everything from magnificent snow peaks to tantalizing chocolatiers and much else in between, hasn’t always exactly been synonymous with the idea of a “budget trip”. Between ticket prices for some of the most beautiful rail routes in the world and the cost of staying in bustling metropolitan hubs — a poorly planned vacation to Switzerland can leave your travel budget with more holes in it than a wheel of Swiss cheese!

If Switzerland is on your bucket list (it was at the top of mine for many years!), believe it or not, it can be a lot less pricey than you think. With a little planning, you can experience all that this famous European destination has to offer without breaking the bank.

Follow these simple money-saving tips when planning your trip and you’ll see how it really is possible to travel Switzerland on a budget!

Switzerland Budget Travel Tips

Research is Your Friend

Know where you want to go. It may sound like an obvious tip, but the kindest thing you can do for your budget is plan which cities you want to visit and then figure out the best way to get from one location to another. Some offer free public transport, others have cheap international flights – so decide which parts of Switzerland you want to visit first and structure your cost-effective itinerary second.

Budget Transportation in Switzerland

The usual frustrating volatility of international flight prices can actually work in your favor when looking for a cheap deal to Switzerland. Planning your trip for low-season (February to May) will guarantee cheaper flights. Also, when planning your international flight, don’t be afraid to fly into one city and out of another.

A beautiful train journey between two cities and the opportunity to explore both could be the most economical option. With budget airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir, it could even be cheaper to stopover in another European hub on your way in or out of Switzerland.

Know When to Get a Rail Pass

Home to some of the most famed rail routes in the world, offering cosy and efficient services with unbeatable views, there’s no better way to travel around Switzerland than by train. Travel passes can be a budget-friendly way to avoid budget-unfriendly ticket prices — just make sur