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Tips on Rocking Your Favourite Summer Dresses

Meghan Markle’s latest look of a shirt dress chic is driving you crazy and now you just spilt your hot chocolate on your PJs all over. Jealous? We know you are! Now that winter is finally over, it’s the time of the year we eagerly wait for. So, what are you holding up to? Dig into the back of your closet and get those summer dresses all out that you had prepared months back.

Check out these tips on rocking your favourite summer dresses, then be a trend-setter for the rest of the summer:

Flat Summer Sandals with Hollow Strappy Gladiator

Tips on Rocking Your Favourite Summer Dresses

Let’s start from the bottom, kay? Keep your shoes simple and flat that are open-toed for enough airflow within your feet. It is always advisable to wear flats and avoid heels. They do not exert pressure on ankles and joints and keeps you out of back bone problems. Flats are usually affordable and comfortable to wear. There are less chances to hurt your feet while running on stairs. These summer flats sandals with hollow straps are an ideal choice for summer season. There are 3 different colours of grey, pink and black with 10 diverse sizes that you could choose from. If you’re going on vacation with your summer sandals, ensure that they are sturdy! Also, break them before you start wearing them in your dog days, otherwise you’re just inviting blisters!

Dress bigger!

Every girl has that one over-sized dress that they don’t know where to dress it for. Here’s the right occasion for that. In hot summer days, the rule is, the bigger you dress, the better you feel, particularly when the material is linen. Just imagine going out in these comfort wear on a hot sunlit day! How relax you will feel! Moreover, not only for summer you can also stock it for spring and fall seasons. Although your shorts and button downs are more classy, check out these Peasant Long Sleeve Maxi Shift Dress for that extra wave room to allow more air circulation to your body! Pair it up with your pink lip gloss to complete your look. This summer is going to be stellar with this amazingly comfortable striped dress.

Floppy Sun Hat

Hats are never out of fashion. Even though it might give you the impression that it’s going to suffocate your head, but little did you know that it protects your scalp from harmful UV rays! It is comfy, can be folded without difficulty and easy to carry because of its light weight. This Beach Sun Cap Straw Floppy Hat will eventually keep you cool. Plus, this wide-brimmed hat is a great addition to your summer wear on those hot sunny summer days that will save your sensitive eyes from the sun, while keeping you in style.

Thin Strapped Crossbody Bag

You wouldn’t want your bag to stick onto you while your skin is a bit sweaty. Hell yeah! Choose this Crossbody Cloth Bag with a thin strap that touches only your clothed parts. It can be taken both sideways and cross ways which will comfort your shoulders even if you carry it for long hours. This ethnic print silk bag will brighten up your look with your summer outfit. Oh, have a look at those beads attached to it, absolutely fashionable, right! And what’s better than a lightweight carrier that will carry all your belongings without any trouble.

Have fun with those sunglasses

What’s summer without sunglasses, right? These Retro Round Sunglass Shades are all you need to cover up your wrinkles and any dark circles around your eyes. No wonder it will make you look so much younger too! Protect your eyes from those harmful sun rays with these fun shapes and colours. There is a special need for this glass while riding a bike because it will glare less in hot sunshine and reduce eye strain. Choose the right colour that suits your personality!

Scarves to your rescue

Scarves are not only meant to keep you warm during heavy winter but also a great accessory for absorbing your sweat during hot summer days! Korea Female Occupation Scarves are what we are talking about. This comes in 5 vibrant colours and patterns and is an absolute cheap way of making you look fabulous! Use these as a hair-tie or wear it around your neck with your hair down, either way, it is going to look lovely! One pro tip, soak it up in ice-cold water before putting it on, which will give you an extra-cooling kick!

Pieces of jewelry, of course!

And of course, no get-up is complete without pieces of jewelries. But since it’s summer, you wouldn’t want to load up yourself with necklaces, bracelets, rings and whatnots. Often more troublesome than they’re not worth as the temperature rises, making you feel obnoxious. Just earrings are fine because they don’t really be in contact with your skin. However, if you’re so keen on showing off your accessories collection, lightweight long chains might be advisable since they stay over your cloth. But do keep that in mind that metal chains and bracelets get heated up, being a major distraction to keeping your body cool!

These are our ultimate guide to a sweat-free summer look. We’re sure these tips will make you look wonderful. We hope that these tips have given you some inspiration on how to dress modestly yet stylishly for summer on your favourites! What are you waiting for? Take out those clothes now and pack your bags up for that vacation you always wanted to go! Snap pictures and make your Instagram feed complete with your ultimate stylish look.

Let us know in the comments section which tip saved your life this summer!