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How to Succeed on beBee

Yesterday I wrote on my personal blog about how beBee can become the biggest thing to hit professional social networking and take the crown as "The LinkedIn Killer." Today, I want to talk about getting started on beBee and what you can do to succeed.

I first heard of, and set up, my beBee profile last week. I've quickly discovered that the platform is very intuitive, making it pretty easy to get going and get noticed. Here's what I've learned so far:

Getting Started on beBee

Since you're already reading this, I assume you've made it through the initial sign-up call out asking for the basics of your information. Congratulations, you're officially a Bee. But to begin truly interacting with the platform, there's a couple other steps to set up first.

Add a Picture

People relate best to real people. The best way to convince someone on the internet is with a picture. Don't think too long and hard on this one, a suit and tie isn't exactly a necessity here. Since beBee is more personal, a quality, clean, good-looking shot of your mug is all you need. Don't forget to smile. 

Showcase Your Experience

We know, adding your repertoire of work experience is a huge pain, but a non-negotiable when setting up a professional social network. At the bare minimum add your company, title and work dates. Complete it with a couple key points about your tasks and accomplishments. The more complete your experience page the easier you'll have it in the long run. beBee makes job application as simple as the click of your mouse with its one-click 'apply' button. An experience page with half-slacked work will signal a half-slacked employee. Suck it up. Fill it out. And move on.

Develop Your Slogan

The beginning of every beBee profile offers an introductory slogan. This is where you give a brief introduction to who you are and what you have to offer. The nice thing about beBee's introductory block is that it's casual. Many Bee's insert an inspirational quote or offer a peek into their personal career goals.

What you place in this box should reflect where you are in your career. If you're happily rooted in your job, then talking about your passion for mountain biking is right at home. But if you're on the job hunt, a brief introduction about your accomplishments and abilities is more suitable.

Education, Services, Keywords and More

Filling out your education, skills and services offer viewers a snapshot of how you can help them. Only list services and skills you're comfortable performing at a professional level, as potential employers and clients will help you to professional competency.

And Don't Forget...

Probably the most overlooked - yet most vital - blocks of text on any platform is the custom URL. Custom URLs may seem like nothing, but are crucial for your personal brand. Make sure your URL has your complete name in some form.

How to Succeed on beBee

Now that you have the basics established, it's time to go above and beyond the call of duty. It's one thing to be a Bee; it's another to create a buzz. The good news though, is anyone can do it. beBee offers an engaged community in a way you won't find on sites like LinkedIn. Upon posting my article yesterday, one of beBee's founders had reposted my article across multiple channels for thousands of views. I've posted similar works on LinkedIn dozens of times and am lucky if my garners even a dozen clicks. It's this level of personal community that sets beBee apart and will create authentic connections between its members.

Join a Hive

Hives are the bread and butter of beBee. Hives are the community boards and pages where Bees can post relevant content to interest the group and foster communication. beBee aims to not only connect its Bees according to professional interests but on a personal level as well. Hives range from Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Professionals to Music and Fitness. 

Create a Buzz

Social media works best when its members engage. The best way to do this on beBee is by creating a Buzz. There're two ways to do this. One, you can post a Buzz on your personal feed which will be seen by you and those who follow you. From here you also have the option to post it on relevant Hives you follow. Option two: you can post a Buzz directly to the wall of a Hive. The choice is yours, so long as the shared content is relevant to the Hive. Otherwise, your content can be voted down by other Bees.

While being the one to create a Buzz is imperative to get yourself out there, engaging with other Bee's posts is just as important. After all, no one like a one-sided conversation. Every day, like an article or two. Comment. Respond to those who comment on your Buzzes. beBee is a hive, a community, and we're all working together to make connections for growth.

Apply For a Job

Finally, apply for job listings. The beBee classifieds is flooded with high-quality positions from large and small companies worldwide. A quick click of the button enters your resume into the pile with the option to add a cover letter. Upon opening your application, potential employers can view your information along with the web of activity you've produced throughout the website. So move with purpose when using beBee and make real connections; you never know what sort of honey you'll be able to create.

Ashley Marie Taylor is a writer and creative strategist at Quill & Co. in West Palm Beach, Florida. She enjoys writing pieces on marketing, travel and human studies. You can view her beBee profile HERE.

Debasish Majumder Oct 17, 2017 · #52

nice insight @Ashley Marie Taylor! enjoyed read. thank you for the share.

Cyndi Docy Sep 25, 2017 · #51

I thoroughly enjoy the material (honey) that I read on beBee. So many are so helpful in a variety of areas. Thank you for sharing your views for being successful on beBee. Great advice.

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👥ed 🐝🐝🐤🐳🔥🚲

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Ashley Marie Taylor Mar 22, 2017 · #49

#46 The best thing you can do is just jump in and click around. Welcome to the Hive :)

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Ashley Marie Taylor Mar 22, 2017 · #48

#47 Thanks Claire! Hope you're loving beBee!

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Claire L Cardwell Feb 21, 2017 · #47

Great article @Ashley Marie Taylor! Have shared this on LinkedIn.

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Wayne Yoshida Nov 3, 2016 · #46

I am catching up on some beBee intro and advice Buzzes. Thanks for this @Ashley Marie Taylor

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Pamela 🐝 Williams Sep 24, 2016 · #45

#44 See Jared, now you're getting teh beauty of this site. Not many CEOs do that. Plus you'll find a lot of other beBee staff members doing the same thing. Check out the beBee Scrapbook hive. I think I have a post in there where beBee introduces the entire beBee gang, you'll then recognize the names. :-)

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