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How AI will change cybersecurity forever

Over the years, society has become more dependent on digital technologies. Today, nearly every person, business, and government agency uses the internet to transmit and store data. As a result of that dependence, there is no shortage of hackers who try to access that data. We see this at every level. Celebrities have had their phones hacked and their personal photographs stolen and dispersed online. Sensitive customer data has been stolen from companies like Yahoo, Target, and—most famously—Ashley Madison. Not even the government is immune. In fact, the question of cyber-security as it relates to the protection of classified government data was raised in the most recent presidential debate.

As big a problem as cybercrime is, it’s pretty much remained unchanged for many years. Just as there are only so many ways for an intruder to break into a home, there are only so many ways for hackers to break through a firewall to access computer data. The problem with existing cybersecurity methods is that they’re largely reactive—they can’t do much until there’s a breach, then they can identify it and protect against a breach in that same area in the future. But thanks to machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity in the future will be able to crunch vast amounts of data constantly to see how hackers are trying to gain access and defend against it in real time. In short, cybersecurity is about to get a whole lot better thanks to artificial intelligence.

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How AI will change cybersecurity forever