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Do you want to search or find?

Do you want to search or find?

When someone buys a book or attends a training class often they will later say: "I did not learn anything new." "I knew all of that." Some people get even annoyed when you tell them something they already knew. "Tell me something new."

And when you ask "So...are you using the knowledge?" they look at you with that puzzled look. Most people perceive only things that are new to them as interesting. The danger is that they never dig deep into a topic.

Even worse. Repetition is the mother of learning and this way the knowledge will not be turned into skills. It´s useless if you do not convert the knowledge into skills.

To train means to deal with a topic or technique over and over again. To learn, experiment and repeat until you mastered it.

A master is not someone who knows something but someone who can do something.

The same applies to happiness and contentment. We cannot change our life for the better if we are not willing to train new mindsets, habits, ways of thinking. It´s not good enough to know what would be right for you. To take advantage of it and advance you have to do it permanently.

Who is closed to repetition because it´s too boring will probably only scratch the surface and never master any art. Especially the art of happiness.

Whenever I meet people who just like a butterfly from one thing to the next I ask myself: Do they want to search or do they want to find? Has the search become their objective instead of their resource? Did they get lost in search?

If you have the tendency always to hunt the next great thing,  but you are not happy with your life situation you can tell yourself something like: "If I constantly hunt for news I cut myself off from progressing. For the next 90 days (that is how long it minimum takes to retrain the brain) I stop searching and make use of what I already found. Starting today, I train, learn, and use what I already know".

What would happen if we used what we already know?

We become Master instead of Searcher

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #61

#60 when the music starts, your motivation will not end. We are a people of rythmn.. Music is like water during carnival... @Aurorasa Sima😊

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Aurorasa Sima 15/10/2016 · #60

#58 Hell, yeah. We´re actually in the age where we need less sleep than in our twenties. I´d dance any ecstasy kid to the ground (: (: (:

The right motivation? You might like BASS?

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Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman 15/10/2016 · #59

#57 Thank you, @Aurorasa Sima, thing get harder only if you let them. My life, in the past, was harder than it is now. I feel lucky I have come this far. #56 @Donna-Luisa Eversley, music has always been part of my life and always will. Rock on.

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #58

#57 @Aurorasa Sima, I'm 47, seeing that we are disclosing age here hahaha...don't worry, I'm pretty sure, for the right motivation you will party all night. Maybe you should come to Trinidad for carnival next year...and you can join a band and put on a costume to dance in the streets with 100,000 gaily decorated masquaraders. I can promise you will enjoy it so much, when you can't stand on you feet for days, it will be worth it 😀😉

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Aurorasa Sima 15/10/2016 · #57

#55 To be honest, I thought you´re maybe fifty something - just from the way you write. I could imagine that with 70 some things get harder and I love your attitude. Thank you for not taking my comment the wrong way.

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Donna-Luisa Eversley 15/10/2016 · #56

#55 @Franci Eugenia Hoffman, I am with you on this..even when I can't get out, I am with my music , or still trying to enjoy kindred spirit.😉 You sure rock!!

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Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman 15/10/2016 · #55

#54 When I was 46, I partied with the best of them. I still party with the best of them and I am 71. Life is not a dress rehearsal. it's the real thing so I want to live it to it's fullest.

I read a variety of posts, some more deep than others. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

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Aurorasa Sima 14/10/2016 · #54

#53 You know what I noticed ... I´m 46 now. I told someone: "Oh, no. I can´t party through the nite anymore. Too old for that, I need my sleep". Then I thought about it. In reality, I felt like cra.... the next too, when I was young. I just did not care.

It does not apply to all changes but to many. Carelessness is an important happiness skill. I´ve currently lost mine a little bit, I´ll get it back. Maybe you have just not been attempting to read so many so complex posts or something. Your light is bright (:

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