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Poverty is like cancer to the third world developing countries. Today almost half of the world population suffers from this terrible social disease. There was a time when we were oblivious of the plight of these people. But with the advent of Information age, more stories of poverty stricken people have come to surface. This has raised a global consciousness and more and more people and organizations have come forward to extend their help. There are many such poverty organizations in Alberta that are doing excellent work in the African and Asian countries.

WHAT IS A POVERTY ORGANIZATION? – These organizations serve with the aim to eradicate poverty. They have their volunteers in all the places that need attention. They have various programs and projects directed towards alleviating the social standing of the less fortunate. To achieve this goal they take help from other people as well as big corporations.

FIGHT HUNGER – One of the major problems that go hand in hand with poverty is hunger. Parents who are financially unstable often have a hard time feeding their children. If this continues for an extended period then it can lead to malnutrition. Many poverty organizations supply nutritious food to these areas taking help from food banks and anti-hunger groups. While doing so special attention is given to infants. In serious cases supplements are also given to the malnourished children.

WATER AND SANITATION – Access to clean water and a clean environment is basic social right of the people. The poverty organizations take an active role in providing clean water to the people with the help of the government. Sometimes they can even start a clean water initiative by joining hands with major corporations. Building wells, deep tube well and maintaining them is also something that they do. They also educate the people about proper sanitation and hygiene. Some organizations have even taken up the job of building toilets in these areas, for sanitation and hygiene is the key to good health.

MEDICAL CARE – Where there is poverty, there is disease. And most of the times these people are unable to get the proper medical care that they need. Poverty Organizations are known to build makeshift medical centers and camps in such areas. Mobile medical vans are also popular in these places. People are given free care and medicines. There are many doctors who have dedicated their life to such a cause.

Apart from the basic social necessities, the poverty organizations also give importance to education. As it is the most potent medicine to eradicate poverty. They have a variety of education related projects that help the youth to find their way in life. With the help of these organizations the poverty percentage has seen a steady fall in the last few years. But we need more people to come forward and help out to make this world a better place.