Stating The Lucrative Benefits Of IBeacons For A Retail Industry Domain

Stating The Lucrative Benefits Of IBeacons For A Retail Industry Domain

Apple Inc introduced the iBeacon technology at the Worldwide developer's conference (WWDC) conducted in the year 2013. This technology has proved out to be a major hit and retail industry sector is the one which is supposed to be greatly benefited by it. Many market experts have placed their comment, which states that the underlying obstacles between online and conventional brick and motors, will be waved off through this technology, thereby promoting the sale of product and services. In short, we can say that iBeacon has become the talk of the town among the retail entrepreneurs.

Let’s first understand the functioning process of iBeacon

iBeacon is a low powered Bluetooth enabled a device which helps in determining the location precisely through the use of GPS or Wifi technology. This device is meant to transmit data through the use of BLE technology within the radius of 50 meters. This transmission falls under the category of one-way communication and the receiver object is supposed to be a mobile device. Portability is one of the wonderful advantages of iBeacon and can be placed anywhere to attract the target audience.

Why should the retail industry be the first one to embrace this technology?

The above content surely would have filled your mind with the importance of iBeacon, but now it's the time to learn some of the business advantages to be availed of it.

Consolidates your target customer base

iBeacon is powered by efficient software which is meant to increase the number of target audience. Whenever a certain customer is around the store, ibeacon will immediately transmit a signal thereby notifying them with a welcome message. This is considered as one of the finest ways to automatically greet the customer, which in turn eliminates the need of a human greeter. 

This entire notification system is manipulated in the back end, and iBeacon handles it accordingly. From a marketing viewpoint, iBeacons have proved to act as an advertising tool to fetch more number of customers. As per the research study, implementation of iBeacons in US market has propelled the sales of products to an altogether new height.