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Www. My Date Trees .com

Www. My Date Trees .com

My Date Tree is an agriculture crowdfunding project In which you can fund your own date tree in Israel.
We invite you to become a part of our date farm, watch as your tree grows over the years, visit your tree at your convenience, eat of its fruit and help the desert bloom. You can choose between different funding options, all of which include a one-time payment, and have your date tree placed in your name or in honor of a loved one.


Make the Arava desert of Israel the world capital of medjool date trees. 


  • To produce medjool dates of the highest quality using modern techniques with new and recycled water sources.
  • To create a viable business and thus contribute to the growing market of medjool dates with the aim of enhancing the overall date production of the Arava Valley and in turn Israel's economy.
  • To offer our date trees to promote ongoing research towards development of date farming in the area.


Our medjool date trees are grown and nurtured on Moshav Paran located in the Arava desert in southern Israel. The Arava is known for its ideal climate when it comes to producing dates and thus ensures high quality, delicious and healthy fruit. A date tree which begins to fruit after 4 years can survive up to 30 years producing on average 100 kilos of dates per tree.

My Date Tree orchard has 350 trees which were planted in October of 2015. The orchard is located near the Paran river that flows for only a few days each year. The green landscape produced by the trees in contrast with the brown desert wilderness which surrounds it becomes part of the southern Arava's "natural landscape". This landscape is considered by many to enhance the beauty of the Arava Valley. During sunsets the view from the farm is a must to see.


Aviram Morris and his wife Liron Yoetz-Morris were born and raised in separate farming communities in the Arava Valley.

Aviram grew up on Kibbutz Ketura in the southern Arava. He graduated in 2014 from the Academic College of Tel Aviv – Yafo with a degree in Economics and Business Management specializing in entrepreneurship.

Liron was raised on Moshav Paran in the northern Arava desert. She graduated with a degree in Dance Education. Today Liron teaches dance in various studios throughout the Arava Region.

In July, 2014 after completing their studies, they returned to Moshav Paran together with their young daughter Emma with the hopes of starting a date farm of their own. 

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