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Importance of Sleep for a Toddler

Importance of Sleep for a Toddler

Sleep is a biological necessity for all human beings and the best form of relaxation. This is very true for children and in particular, infants and toddlers. A good sleep pattern contributes to their normal and healthy growth and development. They need as much as 12 to 13 hours sleep, most of it during night. Parents have a big responsibility to ensure that the toddlers get the right amount of undisturbed and quality sleep. Let us see why and how this so important.

Sleep for development and growth:

It has been found that toddlers produce a very important hormone just after they fall in to a state of deep sleep. This growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. Have a look at the adjustable bed frames for a better quality of sleep life. Also, you can consider buying King size memory foam mattress .

If this hormone is not produced in sufficient amounts, he toddlers; growth may get slowed down or stunted. I can also affect the strength of the heart and lungs. The resistance to illness also gets reduced. Good sleep pattern helps to prevent vascular damage.

Poor sleep increases the risk of becoming overweight or obese. A hormone called gherkin that guides urge to eat becomes ineffective and the possibility of overeating increases.

Behavioral problems

Poor or inadequate sleep can greatly affect a toddler’s behavior. It may throw tantrums and show wild swings in mood. It can also have an impact on their motor skills. Hey lose concentration easily and their clumsy movements and actions. They end up becoming hyperactive too. These factors may get them involved in accidents at home.

On the other hand, adequate sleep that the toddler gets helps him to concentrate better at whatever he is doing. In fact, scientists say that infants even learn while they are fast asleep!

How to ensure adequate sleep for toddlers:

A few tips that parents can remember are:

· Create a set routine for sleep and other activities. It helps the toddler’s body to get ready.

· Create the right environment for sleep like the optimum temperature, light conditions and quietness. Reading out or telling them a story is age--old method that helps to induce sleep. It also creates a healthy bonding between the parents and their kids.

· Avoid letting the toddler engage in any vigorous physical activity before bed time.

· Once in a while parents should review the sleeping pattern of their kids to see if all sis well.

Sleep is a very important part of a toddlers’ growing up and all care should be taken to see that they are not deprived of what they need and deserve. Even losing one of hour of sleep every day can make a big difference.

It is imperative toddlers get the right amount of sleep. Sleep is vital for growth and development mentally and physically, as well as for health and happiness. Without sleep, a child cannot function properly. It is much more than a routine rest or relaxation but a more far reaching effect on the very health and wellbeing of the child in the long term. Parents can ensure a healthy life for their kids by making sure their children, especially when their toddlers get adequate quality sleep.

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