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What Happens When You Follow Your Heart to Work?

What Happens When You Follow Your Heart to Work?

Does your heart know that you are supposed to be somewhere else?

A man I know followed his heart to his current job. It’s a place where sadness and reality and love and fear and kindness and illness and strength and peace all mix together.

Genuinely Engaged

He doesn’t have to be in the trenches of this industry every day; he doesn’t have to immerse himself with the ground zero responders and with the people the organization serves, but he goes in anyway because he followed his heart there. He could stay in the ivory tower, away from the painful reality of the services his company provides. But, no, that’s not him.

Walking by a man who was sitting alone at lunch, my client was compelled to join him. He spent the hour with this customer/patient – human being –  who benefits from the services of his organization. The man said to my client, “People see how you float above the daily problems…and they want to know you. They wonder, ‘What’s his secret’?” (Meaning, we know there’s a lot to deal with here, but you don’t seem to let it affect your attitude or the way you treat others.)

After a soulful conversation, a communion of sorts with this man, my client, humbled and grateful, got up to leave from lunch. The man said, “It is good that you followed your heart here. You make a difference.”

When you are where you’re supposed to be, people notice. When you are not, people notice.

I think if you asked my client, “What is your secret, anyway?” he would say:

“The secret is following your heart until you find yourself exactly where you belong.”

Where is your heart pulling you? Listen to the whispers to really know.

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