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Has Your Business Ever Collected a Telecom Refund?

Has Your Business Ever Collected a Telecom Refund?  .

By Barbara Clements,  President / Founder of Auditel Inc.

No one likes to hear the word audit, as it sounds like tax time is coming and that equates to way too much time and company resources. But with telecom auditing we've taken the client resources and pain out of the equation. We do the legwork and research for your company. We only charge our fee based upon results with our contingency based pricing.   

There is far too much lost recovery when business choose to pay their phone, data, wireless, and internet bills without having the services verified, contracts reviewed, and the usages checked to monitor the services used are actually billed according to contracted rates.

Sadly, we've found that most companies think their Accounts Payable Department, or their IT Department can control their phone bills so they just overlook telecom auditing. There are so many refunds available, but your company is limited due to the workings of the telecom providers and their systems. 

The Telecom Service Providers don't provide employees to work on your company's behalf to help you find and detect errors in your telecom billings.  It's your company's responsibility to review your bills for accuracy and detect mistakes. Auditel can give your company the knowledge and assurance needed for obtaining business telecom refunds. To gain telecom refunds on phone, data, wireless, and internet the findings must be accurate, the dispute must be filed correctly, and monitored to ensure completed. Without telecom experience, and proper dispute knowledge no refunds will be claimed. 

After 24 years in business, Auditel has produced over $120 Million in telecom refunds for our clients. We have found many refunds this year, giving our clients recovery, while other business with the same services didn't get any refund. These days if a business isn't aware of a telecom refund, they won't claim it, and it will be lost. 

It's a good idea for business to review existing telecom contracts, along with any addendums. Check to see if there are existing telecom contract clauses with limitations such as a "90 day clause". With this clause on your telecom contra