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The Next Big Thing in Technology Market Segmentation

The Next Big Thing in Technology Market Segmentation

In today’s high technology marketing and selling environment, the key to a successful lead generation campaign for most technology and professional services is not just to look for prospects to speak with, but also look for prospects that will buy. IT companies know very well that finding high-quality technology sales leads is not an easy task primarily because the IT sector’s needs are much more exact, decision-makers are not very easy to reach, and technology solutions are generally elaborate, high-end and cost a lot of money.

If an information technology business executive is thinking about hiring the services of a telemarketing company to generate sales leads, he or she should know about the strategies used and services offered by an IT telemarketing company and a general telemarketing services firm, particularly market segmentation.

1. A regular telemarketing agency may not have databases that track technology installations, instead, their databases track company locations. IT departments, especially for bigger companies, are usually located in different vicinity other than the corporate office, and organizations with several data centers often have more than one office location.

2. In strategizing for market coverage, technology businesses should always target the appropriate organizations as well as the right people. General telemarketing companies tend to use standard targeting methods that do not cover the right IT executives.

3. In many instances, targeting the size of a business does not work for marketing IT solutions. Often, IT companies need to target their market based on the size of the IT-user populace or the IT department. Learning about the system types or operating systems being used can also help. Regular B2B telemarketing firms cannot perform data segmentation in this manner.

Generating IT sales leads is far more complex than generating regular business leads. It is extremely important to consider these factors when choosing a telemarketing agency to handle your IT lead generation projects. It is best to employ the services of an IT telemarketing company that specializes in B2B marketing for the technology sector.

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