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Three Things to Consider before Renovating a Historical Home

Three Things to Consider before Renovating a Historical Home

An accomplished construction professional, Barret Rappold brings nearly two decades of experience to his role as the owner of Rappold Construction in Scituate, Massachusetts. In his leadership position, Barret Rappold guides a construction firm that specializes in both renovations and new construction. Additionally, the company has completed the restoration of historical homes throughout the area.

Restoring a historical house is a dream for many current and future homeowners, but completing a renovation of an antique home can be more hard work than romance. Here are a few things to keep in mind before tackling that historical renovation:

Choose the right contractor: Just because a contractor has completed renovations before doesn’t mean that contractor has experience with historical homes from the period when yours was built. Plumbing, electrical, and architectural details can vary tremendously depending on the era, so be sure to ask your contractor before deciding whom to hire.

Stay authentic: Renovating a historical home loses some of its appeal if it is done using all modern materials. Though modern upgrades will inevitably be necessary, many specialty building supply companies can provide period-specific doorknobs, light switches, fixtures, and other accents that will allow you to keep the home’s historical feel.

Learn the rules: Renovating a historical home isn’t as simple as hiring a contractor and getting started. Renovations of historic buildings may fall under various federal, state, and local codes, so be sure that you and your contractor both know what is and isn’t allowed.