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Not the knot.

Not the knot.You are welcome to interact with my story that is inspired by a fellow word-smith with whom I became acquainted, shortly after I tried my hand to publish on Linked-In a few years ago. As a result from participating in the various specialized discussion groups that had formed, the number of followers climbed steadily with each publication. I enjoyed the engagements from my writing. Their interactions stretched my own boundaries.

It is my assumption that for this reason, I became part of the first 100.000 (non-paying) LI-members that were given the means to publish their own articles. Would-be-writers had to apply for the privilege. Remember the pencil? Sadly, in the world of today, free speech is only available for those who can afford it, and hence my articles have become invisible to my followers. As a consequence, my interest to write and publish on LI wained.

Perhaps it was the way how I formatted my words, that Linked-In disliked.

Words can be confusing. Each word we use, creates a perception in an other’s thought pattern. Perception is founded by sensation. The sensations we experience, originate from our senses. That makes sense. Apparently, the majority of the people on our planet are of the firm believe that humans have only five senses. Is that really so? Is there not more to explore? Aren’t you aware that something doesn’t add up? Is there not a knot in the way how we learned to reason? Is our consciousness delimited by the validity of only five sensations?

To me, that does not make any sense whatsoever. From time to time, we all have a desire to straighten the thought patterns that one has accumulated over time. Where does that desire emanate from? When does that desire surface? What triggers the need to revise our inner – often unexpressed – thought patterns?

How would one know the need to revisit the meaning to what one has seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched? From experience, I feel that need arise from within, based on my own sensations compared to that what I hear from, or see of others. It is my intuition, that tells me that there is something about my observations around me, which arouses my attention.

When my thought patterns turn into a knot, I need to straighten my mind. For this to occur, I require the input of additional information. In order to do so, I do not go without going within first. If that does not resolve the issue, I ask another a why knot, and get into trouble. As a result, I have been outcasted by society by knot fitting the mould of mind controlled – sense less – thought.

Why is not a question that goes well for people affect