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5 Questions to consider before joining a new social media platform with your business

5 Questions to consider before joining a new social media platform with your business  

As owners of business, my clients and I are often bombarded with messages about how important it is for us to be constantly marketing ourselves on the latest social media platform. Indeed, it has been a topic which has come up for a number of my clients recently.

While I don’t disagree that we need to continually market ourselves and our businesses, I don’t agree that jumping on the latest social media platform is necessarily what we really need to do. As business owners we have to manage a fine line balancing working on growing our business working in our business delivering what It is our business delivers. We have to generate business but we have to actually do business and make money too. All within the same time constraints everyone else faces.

I know for sure that to market what I do effectively on all the current social media platforms would take all the time I have for my business so while it may be tempting I know it is not practical and I have to be more selective. Much as I would love to spend all day on Pinterest, it is not going to pay the bills.

Yet still I am bombarded with articles and statistics telling me why I should. The one that is currently catching most attention for my clients and I is You Tube and Vlogging. You Tube are currently claiming over 4 billion unique visitors every day, it is reported to be the second largest search engine and people go there looking for answers and solutions. We are told that being there helps people find us on other search engines and can make a real difference to our business. There is no question about the potential of vlogging. The same is true for other social media platforms too.

Does that however mean that we have to be on You Tube or the other social media platforms to succeed in business? The answer is going to be different for each of us and for each of the social media platforms. There are some questions as business owners and marketers we need to consider before deciding if it is for us

1. Why are we doing this?

What is it that we find attractive about this network? What are we looking to achieve with it? What will it add to our business? What business need will it meet?

2. Where will it fit with the rest of your marketing?

How does this support what we are already doing? What will it support? What will support it? How much content that I already have or create would I be able to use?

3. What about our Customers?

Will you find our ideal customers on this social media platform? How will they find us there? What will get them to keep coming back? How will we / what we offer be able to meet their needs or solve their problems by being on this platform?

4. Can we physically do this?

What time can I commit to this? Is that the best use of that time? Do I have the technical know-how? What help do I need? What budget would we need? What would I need to stop doing?

5. How will we know if it is working?

How can we measure the success of our efforts? How will we know if it is worth carrying on?

Only once we have considered all those questions and the ones that arise from considering them can we make an informed decision about the fit of Vlogging or the next big Social Media Platform for our business.

So next time you feel the pull of the next big thing on line, don’t just jump in because everyone else is, take the time to think about it clearly and make a great decision for yourself and your business.

I hope you find these questions helpful.  Likes and shares are always appreciated!

Bekka Prideaux is a Business Coach and business owner with extensive experience helping clients find clarity, keep focused and get great results.  If you are at the point where external help with these things do get in touch.

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#15 Spot on @Michael Rana

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#16 Thank you @Lisa Gallagher

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#14 Gosh Thank you @John White, MBA

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#13 I agree @Mohammed Sultan - especially your point about finding a place that has the right feel for your brand

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Great buzz and you raised some important questions. Welcome to beBee @Bekka Prideaux! Sharing!

Mike Rana 29/11/2016 · #15

Quality over quantity. There are some businesses that are only on one network, and it works nicely for them.

John White, MBA 29/11/2016 · #14

@Bekka Prideaux, we loved your post and have shared it on beBee's company social media pages (LinkedIN, FB, G+).

Mohammed Sultan 29/11/2016 · #13

@Bekka Prdeaux,well written post and a great advice. Media planning is concerned with the long-term course of your business journey and the idea you want to stick in prospects mind.The longer-term planning will also set the direction and tone of your content short-term plans.The alternative to media planning is a statement of pious intentions or optimistic death wishes that count only on luck.Your brand has a feeling that has to be revealed with a proposition you are going to show your customers who you are ,and the more they know about you ,the more they want to have a relationship with you.