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√1¼ + ½ = ϕ

This little buzz was inspired by a BIG honey production by queen bee, Lada Prkic. Following is the link to her fantastic research paper. Either way please return to the little gem below.
Lada Prkic's research paper "Geometry All Around Us"

√1¼ + ½ = ϕ

Thank you, Lada, for the geometry all around you. This math lesson, of yours, was fun!

The part about the golden rectangle fitting into the platonic solids freaked me out and also reminded me that one night I woke up from a  dream and jotted this quick and easy formula down...

√1¼ + ½ = ϕ
Ben Pinto

It is a quick cheat for calculating the golden ratio, and although it shows itself to be essentially correct I have not proven it, but someone good at math could show us how this breaks down, or better yet, just prove it.

(1+√5) / 2 = √1.25 +.5  

ᴷᴺᴼᵂᴺ versus ᴾᴵᴺᵀᴼ

I love to look at the descent of a bird of prey as it spirals in the perfect golden ratio toward its next meal. This allows the bird to make adjustments ever so slightly to compensate for the direction and speed of the fleeing prey. I also enjoy finding the golden ratio in the number and dircection of leaves and stems in a plant.

I would appreciate knowing of any other formulas for Phi in print. Thank you.

Ben Pinto

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Yogesh Sukal 12/11/2017 · #30

I found this in related buzz, I recall the other buzz of @Lada 🏡 Prkic that geometric meet music. (through math). really enjoyed. Thank you @Ben Pinto

here is mine recent buzz on math

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Michael O'Neil 16/3/2017 · #28

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(1+√5) / 2 = 1/2 + (√5)/ 2 = 0.5 + √5 / √4 = 0.5 + √(5/4) = 0.5 + √1.25

The golden ratio is cool, but personally I find that the platinum ratio is even more universal, though it makes its appearance more in formulas than actual phenomena. It is basically the constant of equilibrium in a line segment divided harmonically and has the approx. value of 0.707. Unfortunately no-one has recognized it as a mathematical constant for some reason, but all mathematicians are aware of its value.

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Ben Pinto 16/3/2017 · #26

#22 and surrounded by all these Roman numerals FéLIX (59.)

Ben Pinto 16/3/2017 · #25

#21 Dilma, it impresses me that beBee breathes new life into old articles by way of affinity. With all these math minds perhaps we should call it the infinity network.

Ben Pinto 16/3/2017 · #24

#20 great to have you back from your hiatus,@Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD though i have been busy too!

Ben Pinto 16/3/2017 · #23

#19 thank you for keeping this article moving!

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Félix Alday 16/3/2017 · #22

It seems like we are surrounded by Fibonacci numbers, thanks for your very creative post, cheers

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