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A hot HOT TUB story

A hot HOT TUB story

The mood was set; romance, the bubbles in the spa, and the bubbly in our glasses made of plastic...

[Glass might break in a hot tub causing people to say "bloody mess," literally!]

We had our glasses up to our lips and were sitting close together, almost cuddling, both of us glowing gold with the bathing light of the sunset. I could only see her peripherally to my left. 

in a very soft voice I heard, 

"I love you!"

I hadn't been expecting that. I looked to my left as her head turned to meet my gaze just a split second later.

"Are you truly saying that or is that the champagne talking," I mused.

Finally, the bomb that I wasn't expecting...

Her cute little giggle, that came next, was like music to my ears. My heart beat with suspense, and she answered, "that's me saying that to the champagne."

A hot HOT TUB story

A hot HOT TUB storyA hot HOT TUB story

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A hot HOT TUB story