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Hives are issued a link address by beBee and unless changed appear to retain the name of the hive at the end of the assigned link address, for example:

"Quotes" would become:

which also changed the capital 'Q' to a small 'q' because web addresses are not case specific.


'Shoe show' became:

with the hyphen being added. If the name of the hive had started out as shoe-show then the link by default would have stayed the same.

The default can be changed; so, 'Pin' 

https://www.Not-A-Full-Primer-About-Hive-Linksis a perfect example of that:

as I had added the 'to' at the end of the default.

Web addresses eliminate the use of most symbols such as an apostrophe. 

A hive that I named Ela's, had the link issued without the mark:

which works out fine as Ela is a fictional woman and she is all about collecting buzzes and honey about a "sale." 


This is very similar to a domain name that I have for sale:

as in or ; both of which are not actually in use.

Confusing the issue of hive names and their links is that the hive banner photo and profile picture can also contain words that may or may not be related. The profile pic for the hive 'Pin' has only two visible letters, 'P' and 'n' although our brains force us to perceive a letter 'i' within. This image uses a negative of a black letter 'i.' 

https://www.Not-A-Full-Primer-About-Hive-LinksThis is confused further by the banner:

https://www.Not-A-Full-Primer-About-Hive-LinksAs I designed this as a bulletin board

RESTing place

to thumbtack interesting honey onto...

Pin to Rest

As an obvious take off on Pinning something of Interest





1) Many people know about the image of a thumbtack in the logo of Pinterest. I showed you how I used a negative of the letter 'i' in 'Pin.' Beside of that particular negative in an image can you find another within this article and if so what is it a negative image of?

2) What color are ELA's eyes?

3) What lipstick did she buy on sale?

4) Can you imagine sitting on a bee hive?


What famous Bee "sat on b?" 


Bee the thinker.

Ben Pinto Oct 16, 2016 · #17

Dear David, I have the handicap of being an auditory reader which means that when I read I have to say every word in my mind's ear as opposed to the way most people read. Consequently everything social takes me three times as long. If I try skimming along I will mess things up. The amount of times that another's thought process goes off stream when reading is something I would gladly welcome if could read at a normal speed. I sometimes have to squeeze my eyelids tightly together during times of thinking. Other times I will look up and to the side to concentrate which is awkward when talking with someone.

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David B. Grinberg Oct 16, 2016 · #16

#15 Unfortunately, I'm not a "tech guy" per se. Frankly, I'm a bit clueless when it comes to computer tech issues. Therefore, I should have read your "sweet honey" more closely before opening my big mouth. Thanks for your kind understanding, Ben, as I greatly value our online interaction. Plus, I never like to upset NYers, being that I used to be one myself!

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Ben Pinto Oct 16, 2016 · #15

Thank you David, as longtime supporting business/social connections, I value your expertise as well as your personal opinions. #14

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David B. Grinberg Oct 16, 2016 · #14

#10 @Ben Pinto, regrets for any confusion. I was simply thanking you for sharing this information. I didn't mean to imply it was a "gripe" as I certainly did not use that word. I apologize if I misunderstood the point you were making. Many thanks.

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John White, MBA Oct 16, 2016 · #13

#11 Thanks, @Ben Pinto. Keep on buzzin!

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Ben Pinto Oct 16, 2016 · #12

To all, Just so we are clear, there are limitations to web addresses in the World Wide Web such as not allowing blank spaces. Many different marks whose 'computing' descriptions are more than one space in length. I find no fault with this or with any of the limitations that this causes social media channels to adopt in dealing with it.

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Ben Pinto Oct 16, 2016 · #11

@Javier beBee, @Teresa Gezze and @John White, MBA, David misunderstood the post as I am not suggesting in any way or form that the hive link naming on beBee is at all in need of anything as tiny as a tweak. If it were an issue I would have posted this to 'WANNABEE' or in the case of a complaint to 'GRIPE, both of whom everyone should be following.

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Ben Pinto Oct 16, 2016 · #10

Hi David, I have no idea what you are talking about, David. This is far from a Gripe or even a Wannabee. This is an educational way of showing how and what to consider when naming hives. The system appears perfect if you ask me.

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