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Pal in drone: Maps & Spam

Pal in drone: Maps & Spam

TAPA i APAT was a little restaurant we saw when walking up the main boulevard in ancient Barcelona, Spain. After viewing maps from the city we had decided that we would spend the bulk of our time in this fascinating area exploring as much as we could.

We even found an old underground Roman city. Of course in the day it wasn't underground. 

I suppose one day we will be offered sightseeing in the form of drone shot videos, similar to the existing street view videos that tie into excersice equipment making it actually fun to bicycle in place.

The name of this restaurant is food for thought. I love this play on words so much that I will share some of the domains, which work the same way, that I have for sale:
     and my favorite (coffee shop) name,

This is not a full fledged marketing piece yet some may claim that I went from 'MAPS 2 SPAM.'


Pal in drone: Maps & Spam

Pal in drone: Maps & SpamPlease use the hives named Domain and LOL which is where I am introducing this honey. Thank you, Ben