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Rowan, R.U., Joe King and PayPal

Rowan, R.U., Joe King and PayPal

This November, 2016, I celebrate my 'Thanks 4 Giving' holiday all month long. 

It is the second time that I enjoy this month long celebration since I started the tradition one year ago.

It was only a few months earlier, around July 2015, that I began my social presence and right off the bat, started getting correspondence from complete strangers that wanted to give me millions of dollars. I estimate the value that these types of contacts could increase my net worth to be in the trillions of dollars range.

After all, as Mikki Williams said, "Your Network is Your Net Worth." Sadly though, I turned down all of the offers until now!

It is for that reason that I am pleased to say that one of my new Bee Buddies,
Rowan, R.U., Joe King and PayPal , has sent me a private message offering to get me millions. Usually I ignore these type of grants. But now I have finally thought of an easy and safe way to get these funds without all of the rigamarole of sending identification, banking information, trading checks, etc.

All one has to do to give me money is find my email address or phone number and go to PayPal and I can get the money; YAY.
Rowan, R.U., Joe King and PayPal
So here is the private message my bee friend sent me. You may want to skip reading it as I certainly did...
Rowan, R.U., Joe King and PayPal Rowan, are you joking or what?

If you love my tip please don't send me any money but you can make a donation to a real charity based in the real continent of Africa, as opposed to the country of Africa that Sarah Palin made famous.

I have done some charitable work for this organization including developing the following logo...