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Zombee, Buzz Off, & Wannabee (beBee Slang)

Zombee, Buzz Off, & Wannabee (beBee Slang)

Zombee: in beBee this refers to some bee that has been put out to rest and rises from the dead to come back and wreak havoc amongst us. They will try to eat your money, your brains, and anything else of yours that they can feed off of.

Rowan, seen in the image above trying to establish another connection to me is the perfect example of a Zombee.

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In real life Zombee is the name given to describe a bee that has been a host to the Zombie Fly and infected with a deadly disease causing it to act weird till its death within a day.

Zombee... is the name of the hive for filing these. Join it, today, to get first hand reports of other Zombees to watch out for.
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Buzz Off: a nice way of saying "go sting yourself."

It can also bee expressed by using the beBee universal hand gesture where your index and middle fingers represent the wings of a bee. In this case Buzz Off is represented by the bee missing one wing with the index finger being drawn into the palm of your hand, leaving only the middle finger to represent the one intact bee wing.

Buzz Off... is the name of the hive for using such public displays.
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Zombee, Buzz Off, & Wannabee (beBee Slang)Retract index finger to form the international Buzz Off signal

Wannabee is a buzz or some honey describing something a bee would like to see implemented on beBee. It is an item on the wish list which is the hive named... Wannabee.

To check out the hive named 'Wannabee' click this

Zombee, Buzz Off, & Wannabee (beBee Slang)


Zombee, Buzz Off, & Wannabee (beBee Slang)

Inventor of the social closer system for LinkedIn:

Zombee, Buzz Off, & Wannabee (beBee Slang)

Designer of the logo for the Children's charity:

Zombee, Buzz Off, & Wannabee (beBee Slang)

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Thank you @Lisa Gallagher. I really appreciate the share. I have since this put out a very serious article (with the exception of my usual way of trying to bring some happiness back in the world with a little humor at the end of the otherwise depressing piece) I tried to tag you and other but it wouldn't take my comment. I tried that 4 times and have given up for tonight. Unless you fee that Nine-Eleven and "9.1.1. Emergency" are merely a coincidence would you perhaps tag some people and share the it a few times. I am really frightened about what could happen exactly one month from now. I would love some feedback from some of our philosophers like yourself. I like beBee, but I am not very good at getting my stuff seen. #1

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Very creative and well said @Ben Pinto, like the term you described above, "Buzz off." LOL, I think I've used that before, even with my kids when they were younger.

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