Why Create a Fitness App

Why Create a Fitness App

Fitness applications are gaining traction as more and more brands invest in mobile and web development. Creating a fitness app gives your business a powerful competitive edge.

If you are in doubts to create a fitness app or not, then think no more.

Last year health and fitness apps were in the 8th place among the most popular apps in the Apple App Store with 3.01% of the market share (Statista Survey, 2018)

Health and fitness apps were in 11th place with 2.94% of the market share in Google Play (Statista Survey, 2018)

It is expected that the global fitness app market size will reach over $14.7 billion by 2026 (Polaris Market Research, 2018)

According to health and fitness app statistics, users are loyal to their favorite apps. About 96% use only one fitness app. More than 75% of active users open their apps at least two times a week. Also, 25% of users open health or fitness apps more than 10 times a week (Flurry Analytics Survey, 2017).

Fitness applications are becoming very popular and more and more brands invest in mobile and web development.

The Most Popular Types of Fitness Apps

The following fitness app ideas should be considered:

- Workout or exercise apps

Mostly users of mobile fitness apps use them to track workouts and weight loss. These apps usually make 73% of all health and fitness app sessions. If they are combined with fitness wearables, they can act like custom workout apps. They also can give recommendations for building fitness programs, which are based on the collected activity and health data.

The workout app category has a few sub-categories:

- Exercise apps

- On-demand personal trainer apps

- Yoga and gym fitness apps

- Apps to plan workout

There are many apps like these, but the most popular of them provide a unique user experience.

Freeletics gives personalized AI-based recommendations for workouts and nutrition based on your fitness goals, age, weight, height, etc.

Nike Training Club has many workouts which focus on strength, endurance, and mobility. Many filters make it easier to find workout categories.

- Activity tracking apps

This kind of app gathers data about users’ activity including solutions for running and cycling; they track steps taken, distance covered, and other fitness metrics. Such apps provide users with easy-to-understand charts and demonstrate the overall daily, weekly, and monthly activity.

Usually, physical activity tracker apps are integrated with wearable devices they can pull the useful information from.

They have a number of sub-categories:

- Running trackers

- Cycling apps

- Activity trackers

The most popular sports activities are running and jogging. Only in the USA, almost 60 million people practice running, jogging, and trail running. This is a very competitive area which offers unlimited opportunities to entrepreneurs, businesses, and the app development companies they hire.

Such running fitness apps rely on GPS in order to track covered distance, speed, and elevation. They can be compatible with wearables, such as fitness trackers and smartwatches.

The best example of this type of app is Strava, which is also used for cycling tracking. This fitness app has gotten more than 10 million downloads all over the world. This is the best social fitness app where users are able to share their achievements, motivate each other, join clubs, and monitor their friends’ progress in running and cycling.

Other examples of the best fitness applications are Runkeeper, Runtastic, and Nike+ Running.

- Nutrition apps

They are top-rated because almost 26 percent of users age 18 to 29 (Statista Survey, 2017) use them. Nutrition apps help users gain or lose weight and better control healthy eating habits.

There are a lot of examples of nutrition apps, including popular names like MyFitnessPal and Lose It!

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