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Myths about casino fraud with software fraud

Many players think that they lose money when they play  slot games with bonus rounds and their brilliant unbeaten systems do not work because of the casino scam. Here in their thinking there is a mistake at the very beginning: no system is invincible and can not work at a long distance. Well, much has already been written and analyzed about the bones, and we will not focus on this moment. But here's the misconception that casinos cheat directly with the software, we'll review today.

Myths about casino fraud with software fraud

1. Restart the software

One of the most common myths among players, especially among roulette players, is the advantages of software reset. At some point in the game, players tend to simply reload the casino software, as they believe that this will help to avoid the failed losing streaks in the future.

There is a completely mistaken view that the casino software takes into account the results of previous games and accordingly builds a subsequent game. Thus, many players believe that after a certain series, you need to restart the casino client, and then he will behave "normally." In other words, they believe that the results will be more balanced, and they can avoid short-term fluctuations, especially long series of specific phenomena - color, even-odd, and so on.

Casino fraud with software

Of course, this is complete nonsense! RNG works and generates the results of the game completely differently. These results do not depend on each other. Therefore, it does not matter what it was before, you won or lost, or paused during the game. Of course, it also does not matter that these results are preserved in history. There is not the slightest reason to believe that software generates the results of games based on previous victories or player's defeats.

a) equity of the casino

Any casino operator knows that he needs an honest game, and all the emerging patterns and series are pure coincidence. The payout ratios simply correspond to real chances, so it is clear that in the long run the casino will in any case make a profit.

b) example on coin throws

Imagine that you threw a coin five times and each time the eagle fell out. Will you think that if you stop throwing until tomorrow, then in the future you will more often throw a tie? Or will you think that if this coin is thrown by another player, will it have different results? In this example, it is quite clear that the coin has no memory, and it does not matter how it fell before. Previous results are absolutely not important - it does not matter who will throw, it does not matter whether the next throw is immediately or after a pause. Even a coin to change is useless - this will not affect the subsequent results.

c) the law of large numbers

An unfavorable series can occur at any time. Immediately after launching the casino software, you can be very surprised to receive a long winning or loose series. RNG simply generates numbers uniformly and independently of each other. In fact, it does not matter, you restarted the casino client (or even the computer), or played a week nonstop.

d) daily martingale

A good example of the fact that pauses and reboots do not affect the game, is another misconception of the players. It is that you just need to win a dozen or two dollars a day, using the classic Martingale, and stop the game. It's completely different: one day you will still run into a long enough series to lose all your money. The reason is simple: in the game for the long term, it really is not the time of the game, but the number of spins that is important. So even if you play a few spins a day, win five dollars and close the casino client, it does not matter. Sooner or later, but the casino will still win. And the result of your daily martingale will be about the same as in the picture below.