Education And Modern Technologies, Their Positive And Negative Impact

Education And Modern Technologies, Their Positive And Negative Impact

Modern day students are much more advanced, and they prefer technology-based education rather than bookish education. There are plenty of modern technologies like mobile apps which are enabling you to get all the assistance online. These technologies have both positive and negative impacts on our life. Let’s highlight both of them below –

Positive Impact of Technology in Our Life

· Special needs are taken care of: Lots of mobile applications are present online which fulfills student’s special needs. Some digital aids also make learning easier and accessible and help in completing an assignment at a faster pace. Not all of you are capable of grasping everything in the classroom, so this lack can be bridged through this digital-aid learning.

· Platform to connect globally: Modern applications like Skype are a platform where the students can interact with teachers easily and finishing their homework within the given deadline. Many institutions of learning have started online courses so that they can connect globally.

· Efficiency: A wide variety of online assessments are available which help the students to test their knowledge. These assessments are quite flexible, and they enable them to perform the test when they have the minimum preparation.

· Learner’s diversity is addressed: There are many learners in the classroom who finds classroom teaching boring. However, they are the one who finds studying with digital aids very interesting as the use of the latest technologies can make learning fun. Sites such as Edu Birdie also make learning easier and fun.

· Better and improved interaction: The online interaction between teachers and students has improved as the teachers use modernized digital aids for teaching. The teachers use Dropbox where a large amount of data can be uploaded, and sometimes even emails are used as a more convenient option.

· EBooks: EBooks or Google books are very much effective for students as they get to know about many new writers. Online libraries are also organized which are very helpful for getting all the greatest collections of the books online and do research over different subjects.

Negative Impact of Technology in Our Life

· Fewer amounts of interactive times: A student has less amount of time to interact in online classes compared to the live classes. The quality of time spent with the students is poor, and the mental connection is also very less.

· Too much of Screen Time hampers cognitive development: The constant gaze at the screen hampers the child’s motor abilities and also disrupts cognitive development. These modern technologies are also responsible for making the students addicted to the virtual world and losing their sense of reality.

· High tech technologies: High tech Technologies like PowerPoint presentations are lessening the students desire to study books. The instant access which is available through modern technologies is hampering their keen desire to learn and conduct research for any topics through searching books in school libraries.

Final Words

Modern technologies no doubt have given so much which has made our life smoother. It is entirely up to the students, whether they want to use the technology for anything positive or just wanted to become addictive towards it.

Joannie Fischer Mar 22, 2019 · #1

Thank you for sharing your perspective. Recognizing the positive and negative effects is important.