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COUNTRY, Ma Kind of Music

First, no jokes about what happens when you play a country song backwards!COUNTRY, Ma Kind of Music

I was raised by a father who loved the blues, jazz and the Beatles. My mother was a different story. She raised me on Country. I don't know if it's the fact it was my mothers favorite type of music, so I just associate it with the heart, or if it's the lyrics and timing of the songs but Country is the music I always associate with heart.  When I think back to any particular event in my life or happy time there always seems to me a country song connected to it. Country may not be as popular a genera world wide as rock, metal, pop or even classical however I don't know if there is another that can fill the soul with feeling. 

It may have been my Ma or the Japanese concept of ma which may be the answer to why I believe Country is about heart. Many believe westerners sense time differently. We don't enjoy space or emptiness.

This could be true for certain regions of the west. I am uncertain if it could be said to be a universal truth. My favorite American sport, baseball, is filled with ma. The blank parts of the game, between pitches, allows our imagination to experience the beauty of ma. The spaces allow the anticipation to grow adding something more to that double play or stolen base with nothing as the backdrop.

Country as a genera of  music may have a different sense of time than other music. There are gaps and in those gaps our hearts may experience the beauty of the thoughts the artists are singing on either side. 

 Which song to share in my ma buzz?  I couldn't decide which video would be appropriate for the post so I let the universe decide. While this buzz was still a draft a coworker tapped me on the shoulder to ask me the name of a song I was listening to. I was listening to the country channel and I knew his preference was more Motown. When I turned to answer him he had a small tear in his eye. 

The song was "I loved Her First" (Below). I've been listening to the song for years. He however never heard the song before but had a daughter attending collage in her first serious relationship. Chad told me he and his wife were starting to discus the possibility of a wedding for their only daughter. He said he wanted to save the song for their father/daughter dance. 

Every time I hear the next country song on the radio I think "Oh my favorite song." So I don't think the six songs below could be considered my favorite. They are all songs though I have been tapped on  the shoulder by friends, family members or complete strangers and asked who's the artist or what's the name of that song. Read the titles and pick one with a title you feel a connection with then listen. If you can't decide I would suggest the one Chad picked for the share.


Kenny Chesney - Don't Blink


Heartland ~ I loved her first

Lonestar - I'm Already There

Lee Ann Womack - I Hope You Dance

Alan Jackson - Remember When

Bill King 26/6/2018 · #32

#30 Great song @Jerry Fletcher. It's one of my favorites on my playlist, . When my father passed away in the south west part of Virginia I had a chance to meet some of his mountain friends. There was one bearded man in blue jean coveralls and a white t shirt at the funeral that stood out in a room full of black suites and dresses. I asked who he was. My stepmom told me he was a preacher that came down from the mountain to pay respects. For some reason I always think of him when I hear this song.

Jerry Fletcher 26/6/2018 · #30

Bill, I grew up in the heartland, only the second generation away from roots in Tennessee. Country was the theme of life as I was growing up and as my Dad aged he bgan to reach back in time for music that rang true in Appalachia. I was lucky enough the other night to see and hear Mylie Cyrus do a song from the movie O Brother Where Art Thou in the style the movie brought back to life on the AFI tribute to George Clooney. It was a show stopper.

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Bill King 14/6/2018 · #29

#28 Thank you once again @Franci🐝Eugenia Hoffman, beBee Brand Ambassador and thank you very much for the share.


Even though I prefer other types of music, there are country music songs and artists I enjoy. I find some country music soothing and for me, it brings on memories of quieter and more innocent times. I love this post! Thank you for sharing.

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 13/6/2018 · #27

#26 "Talk to me my long lost friend, tell me how you are..." ...the feeling goes into overdrive right about here for me ;) Thanks Bill...cheers to great music and the singing legends of yore!

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Bill King 13/6/2018 · #26

#25 Just the lyrics of that Neil Young song are a BUZZ
"People say don't rock the boat,
let things go their own way
Ideas that once seem so right,
now have gotten hard to say"

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Praveen Raj Gullepalli 13/6/2018 · #25

#24 Wow, Bill, that's a super-cool tribute to the God of Blues! Rockin' in the free World...oh yeah...the acoustic and the electric one both...always on my playlist. That song gets more relevant by the day, sadly. There's another song that always goes around in the noddle whenever I miss some old friends...''Days that used to be...'' from that Mansion on the Hill album/collection of NY.

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Bill King 13/6/2018 · #24

#22 Thanks for the comment Praveen, I don;t know if I ever heard of the line about Blues singers but it sure fits. My sons name is Billy Blake in honer of my dads favorite artist, B, B. King. I asked my wife if we had a girl could we call her Lucille after BB's guitar, She was not as fond of that idea. Neil Young and Pearl Jam would be a great concert. Love Rockin' In The Free World

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