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COW FARTSJust yesterday in a Buzz by Jim Murray 

"The Humboldt Broncos Tragedy Brings A Country Together" I was gratefully reminded of the importance of living for today. The bus carrying the Broncos, a hockey team from the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League was hit by a tractor trailer killing fourteen players.  Sometimes we look at our lives, the lives of our loved ones, the lives of our young sons and daughters and like a long hockey schedule we take for granted their season will play out. However this Buzz was a tragic reminder to embrace today because today is our only guarantee.

  After a moment of personal silence to remember the young lives lost I was moved to share something but wasn't sure what lesson I had learned, or could share, from this tragedy that has gripped the hockey community. I went to my drafts here on beBee to search for  ideas that were  started but had not been revisited for a while. There it was COW FARTS. 

     I had learned of the problem of methane gas produced by cows, adding to global warming. I intended a post on how we were warned a long time ago about cows, sacred cows, by the Vedics. Our passion for burgers, steak and leather had turned into a self destructive habit that could lead to our extinction. I'm not sure if I should be happy I never finished the Buzz but I am glad I never deleted the draft.

   You see COW FARTS is a stupid title. A post with the title COW FARTS could show my lack of intelligence or common sense. If there is one thing I can learn from the Broncos tragedy it's embrace today and dare to be stupid, better yet be stupid with someone you love. 


   On Sunday this 54 year old will be stepping onto a field to play a game he first played 50 years ago, baseball. My entire adult life, since I left the military,  I've been told this spring tradition is stupid at my age.  I could get hurt, injured, playing a sport I love, and not be able to go to work on Monday. Well guess what I have to say, COW FARTS.  When I step on the field this Sunday I intend to be accompanied by some fallen Bronco's as Kevin Costner was, by baseball's legends, in "Field of Dreams." 

   If you have ever sat on a hockey bench waiting for your shift, sat in a dugout waiting for your at bat,  sat on a bench waiting to be put in or been in a locker room  you understand the the feeling, the importance, of playing a sport. You love the feeling of sharing the experience with your teammates. You joke with your teammates about a bad shift,  an error someone has made, a missed pass or missed open net shot, stupid stuff, COW FARTS. Every time you step on the field, court of ice something happens you never saw before or could imagine could happen.

    In this great illusion we call life, stupid stuff may be the only place we experience true reality, that's right COW FARTS are reality.  When we do something out of the ordinary, innovative, something some may call stupid,  that's were we find the creative beauty of life.  You may design a structure containing a hyperbolic paraboloid and add corners, I actually was going to try this for a photo with some Pringles and a pair of scissors but the can on top of the fridge was gone, and be worried someone may call it stupid, guess what, COW FARTS. You may want to dye your hair magenta, someone could call that stupid, well guess what,  COW FARTS. You may want to find out how to use KPI's to aid in a Blue Ocean strategy or have a hive with only one bee, all I have to say is COW FARTS.  You may try skateboarding with your son. daughter or grand kids, some would call that stupid, well COW FARTS.   

   What I have learned from the Bronco's tragedy is to embrace today. Do something others may call stupid, maybe with a loved one, and if the thought "someone may call it stupid" enters your mind just think COW FARTS and embrace today. Play some basketball. If you twist an ankle, well COW FARTS. Run the bases, if you pull a hammy, well COW FARTS. Kick a football with the grandchildren, if you get a bloody nose, well COW FARTS. Post a Buzz, If there is no interaction well COW FARTS.

   Please say a prayer for the fallen Broncos and their families, prayers count, and then bring some of the players on a stupid adventure. Celebrate today.  



Bill King 31/7/2018 · #30

#29 Thank you Preston. Great points, Take the risk and enjoy the moment.

Preston 🐝 Vander Ven 30/7/2018 · #29

Great Buzz. "Daring to be stupid" for me is another way of saying enjoying life, taking risks, just doing it. So many of my friends, whom are younger than me, seem to be afraid to just step out into the world and enjoy themselves. It is like they are waiting for someone's permission to begin their life.

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Amusing title and nice article @Bill King. No doubt, each moment in life must be cherished.

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Bill King 14/4/2018 · #26

#20 Thanks Randall, appreciate the comment.

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Bill King 14/4/2018 · #25

#22 Thank you for the comment Mr. Murray. Your deep feelings show in your inspirational writings. I do pray for the families to find peace in the memories of their lost sons.

Bill King 14/4/2018 · #24

#21 Thanks as always @Debasish Majumder.

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Bill King 14/4/2018 · #23

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