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FOLLOWERSHIP, It's Not About Being Popular.

FOLLOWERSHIP, It's Not About Being Popular.Any organization is only as good as its Leaders, or is that Followers? 

I have always been confused by the constant bombardment of videos, posts and books on leadership. The qualities which make for a great leader always seem like they would make for a great follower. This question was raised in my mind once more by a sage comment by Lada 🏡 Prkic on a Buzz, "Double Trouble Returns," this week. Why is being a great follower considered a back handed complement while being a great leader is an achievement to be celebrated? 
The confusion was magnified when after reading Lada's comment I googled "list of greatest follower's." Here were my suggested searches.

Then I did the same for greatest leaders.

I had a flashback to a scene from  Miracle on 34th Street. In the court battle to determine the sanity of Kris Kringle believing he was Santa Claus the judge was faced with making a decision which would be unpopular regardless of the side he chose. He decided to rule in favor of Kris due to a greater authority, the postal service, believing Kris was Santa. 

Since Google has declared follower to be the opposite side of the "popular"coin, I will not dispute it. Maybe this is one reason the phrase "great follower" is not used as a compliment as "great leader" is. We associate follower with the other side of the popular coin while at the same time believing the opposite of being popular is being unpopular.  

The fact is in every group everyone is a leader and everyone is a follower at some point. Producers may be the role we should aspire to be regardless of our title in any organization. Producers get results.We need producers in every level of every organization to be successful. Producers are people who believe certain ideas, these may be some; 
1.Being Competent
2. Being Good Workers
3. Having the courage to be honest
4. Showing good judgment
5. Knowing when to use discretion 
6. Keeping their egos in check    

Maybe we should stop thinking of ourselves as leading people or following other people but think of ourselves as following ideas. Then go out and be the best producers we can be regardless of title.   

Any organization is only as good as its Producers.

I have shared this TED talk before and I will share it many times more. It's probably my favorite and I look for any opportunity to share it.

Harvey Lloyd 11/6/2018 · #55

#52 You might want to hang onto me on the island. I suck at number one but i am a great leader at number two. In some ways i am a leading follower. I don't care for the frontal nature of the head leadership group.

You can be the face of our island team and i will insure your victory, from behind the palm tree. Me out front can get brutal.

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Bill King 10/6/2018 · #54

"Ultimately what I think that gets chiefly lost is the space between leadership and followership - which is presence." that is a needle moving line City. I always believed in my carrier in inspection, NDT, I don't work for the person that signs my check or their customer that sent material to them be tested. I inspect for the end user. The person at the power plant, flying in the plane, or person in a boat under water. Presence can not be overrated. Thanks again for the comment.

Bill King 10/6/2018 · #52

#49 @Harvey Lloyd, thank you for the comment. If this were a game of Survivor I would push for you to be voted off sooner than later. ( You'd be some tough competition to beat at final tribal). loved the comment "You may work for a but-head, but producing suffers and the leader will eventually fail. In the end, subjectively, leadership is voted on or off the island." I do believe the same could be said of followers.

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 10/6/2018 · #51

The design of social media is not about creating leaders, it is about creating followers. Facebook would be a lemonade stand raising money for theories of leadership if it was not predicated on being a container to insert people in - and Twitter added to the mentality and psyche that if you don't have followers, maybe one can buy them, or play party tricks of following people because of the psychological reciprocity involved - but then game the system by unfollowing and playing the following numbers game.

Leadership theories abound and they reach exponential proportions because how many times have all of us clicked on some kind of leadership article, but did it move the needle anymore than what we read over the last couple of decades about leadership or talent or empowerment or engagement etc etc etc etc etc.

Ultimately what I think that gets chiefly lost is the space between leadership and followership - which is presence. To be there fully in an organzation, independent of following and discerning about the actual reality of leadership - because in this space, we find the point where we can be centred and grounded about our actual contribution - and not just in the work place but also in the home space at our own given play pace. If anything this what we actually come back to and not our tribal attributes whose effects are GROUP effects - which is the norm and not the exception. The exception is our individuality, not our individualism but the quality of our own being - and being fully present to what attracts us as followers and what we move through our leadership.

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#38 Thank you @Bill King, i take it as a I love to bring constructive comments to an already purposeful quality content. I am not the debate or ranting type of bee. Shared to massive audience Hives! again, because we are here for affinity propagation and not the bullies ( do not panic, they are everywhere..hahaha)

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Harvey Lloyd 10/6/2018 · #49

Leaders cant be separated from the follower. In the area of producing, followers elect their leaders. You may work for a but-head, but producing suffers and the leader will eventually fail. In the end, subjectively, leadership is voted on or off the island.

As to the infinite curve or "infinity", well it is supposed that by knowing this we can figure out the end game. There are but two possible outcomes. Darkness or a path we of new existence. Unfortunately Schrodinger found this our with his cat. From my perspective i will never know, until i become the cat.

In this context leaders have to know that one day they will be the cat and get the answer. The followers are outside the box waiting and contemplating mathematical outcomes.

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Bill King 10/6/2018 · #48

#46 @Ken Boddie, Probably infinite progression man. Infinite curve theory may be a lot of "everything is nothing with a twist."

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