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Heaven's Not so Far Away

Once again this may not be the buzz I intended as I logged on, however it is the Buzz, capitol B intended, I have been given. When I logged on to share my thoughts on a certain type of harmonics, my television was playing the first episode of AGT  I had DVR-ed. 

You know how sometimes you hear a sound and you have to stop to find out what that sound is. A clicking or a clanking from a machine, an unexpected buzzing sound in electronics or a song playing on a friends radio you have never heard before but have to find out who the artist is. 

This video below is the group of kids that caused that sound, that  feeling, in my living room tonight. 

They had recently lost their mother to cancer. I personally have lost both parents to cancer. I have also volunteered at a hospice and watched families lose their loved ones to this disease. It's devastating to watch the life go from someones eyes who had given you life.

The message the mother of these three young people sent them, from a place not so far away, and I heard in their song tonight brought back all the emotion of those losses to this dreaded disease. Somehow though, this message from heaven carried away some of the pain I had mistakenly thought was gone. I hope this share of the worlds shortest buzz can help someone else with the shadow of loss. Please, if it does do some good share the song with others. Thank You.

Heaven's Not so Far Away

Wonderful share @Bill King. I will be sharing, as well.

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Bill King 31/5/2018 · #12

#9 Thank you for the comment @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. Three many times seems to be a magical number."We Three" sure cast a spell last night.

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CityVP 🐝 Manjit 31/5/2018 · #9

"We Three" are also exceedingly talented and I don't think I would have the emotional resolve to sing a song that powerful without breaking down. Powerful share. I hope this band goes on to bigger things, not because they are on AGT but they genuinely come over as a wonderful trio of siblings. It also reminds me of all the talent there is out there that we never get to hear. It is a powerful share on so many other levels beyond the struggles you and many families have faced with all the challenges that accompanies the effects of cancer.

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Bill King 30/5/2018 · #8

#4 Thanks for the comment and sharing the message Jake.

Bill King 30/5/2018 · #7

#3 Thanks @Debasish Majumder for comment and share.

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Bill King 30/5/2018 · #6

#2 Welcome Harvey. It was a great way to end the day last night.

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