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When Elephants Cry

When Elephants Cry

Sometimes the most creative among us

Seem like young elephants, orphaned, when to this world they embarked.

Touched before birth by a divine parents graciousness. 

Traumatized by the event which caused separation form their matriarch.

Entering into this world, grieving for their unremembered lost maternal love. 

A life time of not knowing why or where this melancholy is from.

Their survival may hang in the balance, living in a world intolerant of

this unwitnessed trauma. They must be persuaded that here, in this life, they are welcome.

The elephant calf,  like the akin human child, needs toys, 

daily distractions, art, music, and science for it's spirit to be stimulated.

Thru the dampening of creativity they find their white noise

much the same as  blood rushing through the womb from which they were created.

With elephants, "please remember this line", one reaps what one sows.

You see how the elephant acts in the company of humans

is precedent on the way the young elephant was treated, and how.  

Only elephants should own elephant ivory.

Only an elephants heart can measure it's pain.  

We can however lovingly offer our empathy ,
That your prayers for solace not be in vain.

So hold on till that river to tomorrow you cross.
Remember none touched by Ganesha's glory will turn a blind eye,

allowing such divine artistry be counted a loss.
As a herd we shall reach out with compassion when ever we hear an elephant cry.

This Buzz is dedicated to you. The creative.

I can't post a Buzz about elephants without my favorite Tim Conway ad lib from the Carol Burnett show.

Bill King 8/7/2018 · #18

Gracias por el Relevante @Fernando 🐝 Santa Isabel Llanos

Bill King 29/5/2018 · #17

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Bill King 10/3/2018 · #15

Thank you very much @Debasish Majumder. It is greatly appreciated.

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Debasish Majumder 10/3/2018 · #14

lovely buzz @Bill King! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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Bill King 9/3/2018 · #13

#12 Thank you for the comment @CityVP 🐝 Manjit. "So much of creativity is locked by what we fear rather than what we endear." this is a truth worth remembering. Thank you once again.

CityVP 🐝 Manjit 9/3/2018 · #12

The truly creative being can touch these depths which is why they are rare. This buzz is full of depth and clearly the depth here is a reflection of mastery that has been honed both through life experiences but also the given capability at the core that can nurture and develop from these experiences. So much of creativity is locked by what we fear rather than what we endear.

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Bill King 8/3/2018 · #11

#9 Thank you Gert. After watching that skit again I'll be putting my fists together and going SNORT far at least a week!

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Gert Scholtz 8/3/2018 · #9

@Bill King You had me on the intelligence of elephants and hooked me totally with Tim Conway - one of my favorite comedians. A fine post - thank you Bill.

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