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Bill Stankiewicz shared: beBee growing in the USA with GMA & APICS, following same path as Savannah, Georgia explosion in new business

Bill Stankiewicz shared: beBee growing in the USA with GMA & APICS, following same path as Savannah, Georgia explosion in new business

What is beBee ?

beBee is an affinity-based social network

It’s designed for professionals to connect with people with whom they share common interests. Our Affinity Rank allows users to see only content that is relevant to them. Here you can get in touch with people from all around the world, with your same hobbies or career, even if you haven’t met them before.

The concept is about groups called affinity hives that work as a social repository. Unlike every other social media networks, content exists only once on beBee. It means that when multiple users share the same content on beBee, their comments meet in one unique post, called buzz on our social network. This adds value to the original post and allows bees to connect with people that share their interests.

Business gets personal

Since the birth of social media, users have tended to keep their business profiles and interactions separate from their personal ones — a natural separation of church and state that seemed to make sense. However, that division may be more erroneous than helpful since, as people pour themselves into their careers, the personal and business often spill over into one another, and make for important connections. New social networks like beBee are tapping into this, offering users a way to connect on many levels — by their work activities as well as by their personal interests. 

“Oh, you’re a devOps master and are into Minecraft? Sweet!”

Unique offer

New affinity network beBee actually SOLVES the eternal struggle of social media.

Faced with a dilemma of choosing between having a social or professional profile? beBee aims itself at professional users who enjoy a healthy spectrum of hobbies on the side. Its homepage displays feeds from your chosen interest areas (Hives) and suggests new ‘hives’ to follow.

More affinity and relevance.

This is its main differential aspect. As content is shared in the proper hives you won’t get notifications that are not related to your interests. You will join hives that you consider that will offer you added value and content based on your interests. Those are the hives you will be social in, avoiding a wall full of content that you don’t care about.

English speaking bees 

There are currently more than one million English speaking Bees on the site, with the US growing rapidly, largely thanks to a word of mouth buzz.

The Brand

On beBee ,

1. We are bees.

2. The affinity groups are hives.

3. Shared content are buzzes.

4. Writers are producers ( long content is honey).

5. Stings are my bookmarked content. ... coming soon ;) 

The publishing platform 

On beBee any blogger  can write stories and distribute them through the affinity hives. This platform is mobile first and is integrated  with the professional network. 

Publishing platform 

For more info about beBee, please check our blog

¿ Qué es beBee ? 

que é o beBee? 

Info here on beBee derived from this link:

Gotta Love them bees!

Port of Savannah

Just as grows at a rate of 40,000 new members a day for 2018, Savannah growth continues in the Southeast.
The Port of Savannah is the largest single-terminal container facility of its kind in North America. Operated by the Georgia Ports Authority and specializing in breakbulk, containers, RoRo, heavy-lift and project cargo, the port is comprised of two modern, deepwater terminals: Ocean Terminal and Garden City Terminal.

The Port of Savannah is the fastest-growing and fourth-busiest port in the nation, with 36 weekly vessel calls, more than any other container terminal on the U.S. East Coast.

In fiscal year 2017, the Georgia Ports Authority moved 33.4 million tons of cargo, 3.8 million 20-foot equivalent containers and more than 600,000 auto and machinery units. 

The Port of Savannah Features:
  • Nine deepwater berths with 9,693 feet of continuous berthing
  • Two Class I Railroads on terminal with on-dock rail and line haul services
  • Immediate access to major interstates I-16 and I-95 with 150-plus trucking options
  • An average single move time of 33 minutes and double move time of 54 minutes
  • 146 rubber-tired gantry cranes, 26 ship-to-shore cranes
  • More than 3 million square feet of warehouse space available within 30 miles
  • 2,496 Reefer Rack Slots
  • Largest concentration of import distribution centers on the East Coast
  • On-terminal USCBP inspections at the Garden City Terminal

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance hosted over 100 events last year providing manufacturing professionals opportunities to make valuable connections across the state. Through the events that we host, our mission is to create a community of industry professionals that can share ideas, leads, and best business practices to provide a more vibrant economy in Georgia. By working together through events like these, we are building a stronger manufacturing community.

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) was founded in 2008 by Jason Moss who envisioned a network that would support Georgia’s manufacturing community. At that time, he was a regional sales representative for a software company providing 3D CAD software for manufacturing companies. As he researched groups for the industry, he discovered that most served a very small segment of the overall manufacturing space. Mr. Moss knew strategic alliances could be made if these industry leaders could work together to support the entire manufacturing community.

Originally founded under the name Networking MFG, his organization began with a core group of 15 manufacturers and service providers that saw a need to find local resources for their industry. They wanted to buy, sell and trade locally, but did not have the platform and resources to make the connections. As the organization grew and evolved, the name was changed to the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance to better describe the mission of having Georgia’s manufacturing community working together in harmony, in one alliance.

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance now has six chapters across the state that are facilitated by volunteer chapter directors. The GMA staff and Chapter Directors work together to identify quality manufacturers, coordinate plant tours, and provide educational workshops in their regions. Each month GMA provides at least 5 plant tours where others can learn best business practices from their peers. Some tours this year included KIA, Kings Hawaiian, Daniel Defense, Bitzer USA, Olympic Steel, and MTI Baths, and a broad selection of tours are planned for the rest of 2017. GMA also provides educational workshops and networking events each month so the manufacturing industry can share ideas and stay up to date on an ever-evolving industry.  With coverage from Savannah to LaGrange and Gainesville to Macon, GMA serves the entire state.

Thanks for reading here & if you need office space, warehouse space anywhere in USA please contact Bill Stankiewicz.  

Have a great day where ever you reside, help someone, be kind & stay positive :)


Bill Stankiewicz
Managing Director
Savannah Supply Chain
Office: 1.404.750.3200 USA Brand Ambassador 

Great producer!!

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@Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador . Great piece Bill. keep on buzzing !

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lovely buzz @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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If only each one of us would consider themselves as a precious flower. Committed to bringing out the very best in ourselves. Each flower with their distinct and unique qualities. Authentic and natural fragrances.

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And always with a friendly smile @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador

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Hello @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador, you are a great businessman. Congratulations

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He traducido esta cita al español con su permiso:@Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador

''Abejas de habla inglesa
Actualmente, hay más de un millón de abejas de habla inglesa en el sitio, y EE. UU. Crece rápidamente, en gran parte gracias al boca a boca.''

La marca
En BeBee,

1. Somos abejas.

2. Los grupos de afinidad son colmenas.

3. El contenido compartido son zumbidos.

4. Los escritores son productores (el contenido largo es cariño).

5. Picaduras son mi contenido marcado. ... próximamente ;)

La plataforma de publicación
En BeBee cualquier blogger puede escribir historias y distribuirlas a través de las colmenas de afinidad. Esta plataforma es móvil primero y está integrada con la red profesional.

Plataforma de publicación

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