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BRRRRR, ITS COLD: Strong demand from online food sales is creating more opportunities for cold storage construction in the US. Shared by SAVANNAH SUPPLY CHAIN GUY, BILL STANKIEWICZ, 1-404-750-3200

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Yes in the rapidly-evolving logistics market of 2019, cold is the new hot. That might sound confusing to those unacquainted with refrigerated logistics, but for anyone who’s been following this growing field, it’s right on target. 

The demand for refrigeration in the supply chain is greater than it’s ever been. Numerous trends are pushing toward an increased capacity for refrigeration in logistics, and the logistics market is scrambling to keep up and to evolve in order to meet the newest developments. The CAGR for refrigerated logistics is forecast to reach 2.5 percent in the period from 2017 to 2022, so the time is now for businesses looking to lock in their refrigeration solutions. 

BRRRRR, ITS COLD: Strong demand from online food sales is creating more opportunities for cold storage construction in the US.  Shared by SAVANNAH SUPPLY CHAIN GUY, BILL STANKIEWICZ, 1-404-750-3200


Brick-and-mortar F&B spending will continue to outpace more traditional retail categories over the
next five years.  We will still have more beBee meetings with burgers in Savannah, Georgia. Morning chats will offer free donuts too!  

Grocers will devote more space to prepared foods to
capture shifting consumer demand.

Restaurants will increase investment in technology (especially data and automation) to control rising costs and limit consumer price hikes.

Though baby boomers spend the most today, millennials’ F&B spending will outpace that of all generations within the next 10 years.

Millennials currently prefer lower-priced choices but will
eventually shift toward higher-end options.

Changes in U.S. household structures will drive up demand for convenience-focused F&B options.


I do enjoy working in food logistics and trained the staff for Portfresh Logistics prior to their sale this year on 1-31-2019 sale to Americold Logistics.  Cold storage is growing in the USA due to increased demand particularly for fresh produce needed year round by consumers.

There is a strong demand for cold storage warehouses driven largely by growing food sales and increased preference toward online grocery shopping. However, the cost and complexity of building these refrigerated spaces has made their development lag behind dry warehouse development.

CBRE previously forecasted that the growth of online food sales would generate demand for up to 100 million sq. ft. of cold storage space across the U.S. over the next five years.

The growing demand for cold storage space, along with growing investor interest and better understanding of how to build these facilities, will spur more speculative development in the near future, CBRE predicts. 

An upside to the high capital expenditures and operating expenses is that occupiers tend to stay in the same facility for longer periods of time. This means cold storage facilities can command higher rental premiums than dry warehouses and occupiers are more willing to commit to longer lease terms.

In addition, CBRE says people can expect to see these three major shifts in cold storage development:

  • More speculative development
  • More development activity in small markets
  • Greater automation in the design and operations of cold storage
  • Bill Stankiewicz comments that more Venture Capital firms will be expanding investments here with food logistics

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#10 Congratulations Bill for the investment and this system is certainly working very well for you and the contractors. My cousin comes today to stay here for a few days at home and seems to be proposing business with my brother in the storage of northeastern coconuts here in Brazil and their prices are well below the market of major capitals. He comes with the transportation of these coconuts here in Sao Paulo and we get buyers that this next summer season sells a lot. Should your city have many imported Coconuts?


#9 thx Carlos, I helped set up PortFresh Logistics in Savannah, a $18 million dollar investment that was sold for $35 million dollars to Americold Logistics on 1-31-2019 of this year, I trained the staff in food safety, forklift safety training program was set up by me, helped win many new accounts such as Walmart, we did fumigation too. Our produce was imported from Chile and Peru: see this link for more details:

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#7 Thanks Bill for quoting my name and always accompanying you with his innovative news about refrigerators> I remember I was a fruit buyer here in Ceasa São Paulo for a cousin of mine who had trucks, where you transported fruits to another city and all chilled . And you have no projects to invest here in Brazil? Hugs

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