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WHY, Why I Love It? by Bill Stankiewicz, Savannah, Georgia Supply Chain Guy

WHY, Why I Love It?  by Bill Stankiewicz, Savannah, Georgia  Supply Chain Guy

I guess I love beBee because of so many additional friends I have made over the past 18+ months.  I have found that here on the Affinity platform, folks that engage with you become lifelong friends.  Many folks have called me and many more send special nice emails and its so great. Lots of fun here when I tell Students at the University about Javier and share buzzes with them.  Folks love it here in the Southeast and across the US market when I am talking about Social Media Channels of value.

 It continues to be lots of fun interacting with folks around the world here at beBee.  Myself I have always been a positive person and like many of us we have had challenges.  Enjoy the day and if I can help you in any way here in Savannah, Georgia, USA please call me at 1.404.750.3200 .  Enjoy the pictures and soon it will be Christmas!!!


I Do Love Spreading More Kindness, as an example of hundreds of letters I receive each month:



Why do I use the product for huge beBee meetings in Georgia? Because of outstanding Service, Great Support, & Top Mgmt! KUDOS Gary Fewkes & to your CEO!!!! I told Ellen and Oprah about your products too!


 Thanks so much for the note. We’ll definitely recognize Reannon for her outstanding customer service to you. It’s not often we hear the good things we are doing, just the coaching opportunities, so I greatly appreciate you taking the time to write a quick thank you note. 


 Gary Fewkes 




Have a great day, be kind, help someone in need. It can make a world of difference to a person.

Teaching Today & Tomorrows Leaders,

Bill Stankiewicz


Savannah Supply Chain

Office: 1.404.750.3200 USA Brand Ambassador 

Startup Community every Wed@ 9:00am at 2222 Bull Street 

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Lyon Brave 27/12/2018 · #31

Dang Bill you are hanging out with a lot of homies. I have aunt in a Savanna , but i have never been.

Zhen Henry 15/11/2018 · #30

love this buzz..

Clau Valerio 15/11/2018 · #29

#10 thank you very much,@Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador you are very kind.

Maria Merino 14/11/2018 · #28

#27 😅😅thank you.. you are very kind


Maria, you are a rockstar and Queen among bees , thanks for your continuing kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#16

+1 +1

Thanks again Chris, a jar of honey waitng for you in Savannah, come visit!!! #17


Thank you very Much Stephan!!!!!!!!!!! I try to keep up with all you great bees here!! Love to spread the word about beBee, sometimes its one bee at a time, sometime I get 20 in a room. #22


Thank you Randall again, I love you guys and gals here on beBee#21

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