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Tips To Fight DWI Case and Avoid Severe Punishments

Tips To Fight DWI Case and Avoid Severe Punishments

Being convicted, with the DWI charges, can have a severe impact on your life. The consequences can be either long-term or short-term. Therefore, be very careful while you are drunk. Understand your limits in case you are the one holding the steering of your car. Drinking and driving is a serious traffic offense and can result in extreme penalty scenarios.

Here are a few tips on how to get away, with the DWI offense or minimize the penalty rates. Although these tips may not help in totally avoiding the punishments, they can reduce the impact of the same. Avoiding the conviction is what matters.

Anything You Speak or Whatever May Be Your Actions, Everything Would Fall Under the Scanner

Whatever your actions are or whichever words you utter, everything will be recorded. The prosecution will try to utilize them against you at the trial. Therefore, you must be extremely polite in your actions before the officials. Also, never speak unnecessarily. Too much of words can be harmful in such scenarios. Speak only when you are asked to. Remain seated in your position and be calm in your approach. Remember, your actions are being recorded. How well you act is what would matter at the end.

Never Assume the Trial Officer to Be Your Friend

You may find the officer who is handling your case a friendly person. But, remember, the very first time an officer has been assigned against your defense; he/she are collecting necessary evidence to prove your offense. The officer will also be used as a live witness during the trial. So, assuming the officer to be your friend would be a big mistake. The officer has been trained to apply every necessary method to develop the strongest case against you in DWI.

Refuse For the Sobriety Tests but With a Polite Tone

The officer will play every trick on the book to convince you for the tests. But, remember, there is no law that will force you to take the tests unless being convicted. The results of the tests are not sufficient enough to prove your offense or judge your innocence. The Houston DWI lawyer advises their clients never to appear for field sobriety tests, including the eye tests. You should use a polite tone to refuse appearing for the tests. Make sure that you do not display any additional protesting attitude.

Never Discuss Details about the Scenarios Prior To the Event

Never discuss, with anyone, about your actions before the encounter with the officers. Always demand speaking only before the defense attorney. S