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Is it True that Vue.js is Dying?

Is it True that Vue.js is Dying?

Many peoples are talking about dying. But in reality, it is not. Here in this blog, provide you some things so based on that, you can quickly analyze and understand that Vue.js is still alive. 

Let’s start with basic of Vue.js,


For the user interface, building Vue.js is the best popular JavaScript Framework. It is simple and easy to understand; also, on the view layer, its core part is focused mainly. For frontend development, Vue.js is basically built. Vue.js is one of the best opensource JavaScript frameworks mostly for the single page application; it is more famous. 

Here move to our main discussion, 

Is Vue.js Dying?

Of course not. 

As compared to React, which is developed by the Facebook and Angular that is created by Google and many more other frameworks, Vue.js has more popularity also business Startups, small and large businesses, are easily choosing it for their project. Across the world, Vue.js is more famous among developers and enterprises. 

The above image shows the popularity of the Vue.js worldwide and the past five years of data. That means Vue.js is not dying; it is still on the growth stage. So, Businesses and developers no need to worry about Vue.js because it has more future growth. 

The basic overview, the popularity of Vue.js we discussed. Now let move on some reasons behind Vue.js’s popularity and why it is preferable most

Why Vue.js is still famous and not dying?

1) Learning Curve:

Developers love Vue.js because of its gentle learning curve. Some basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS is necessary to have. It is easy if you are creating a complex web application. It is considered as one of the fastest development technology what save your development time and give output fast. 

2) High Performance:

Mainly in mobile application development, Vue.js provides excellent facts performance. It is the fastest programming language, high performing technology as compared to React and Angular. Speed- is the main feature that all businesses are looking for their project, so Vue.js fulfill this demand with fast performance.

3) Mobile Development :

With repeatability and transparency in a simple way and easily, you can manage the UI. Alibaba is an excellent Vue.js mobile app example. Alibaba is giant in e-commerce. Cross-platform UI Development Vue.js provides for mobile app development that it is incredible.  

4) Pleasure to Develop:

By the freedom to structure code, that is a blessing for the Vue.js developers due to this plus point they love Vue.js. 

5) Reactivity:

The reactivity mechanism proprietary the user interface automatically in Vue.js. Vue.js developers can save time and more effort with more efficient and productive work in focusing on high performance and additional coding lines.

So due to its fastest growth and impressive features, companies are getting more benefits by using it in their project and business. There are a lot of startups; small and giant companies are using Vee.js. 

Let see some Top and Famous Websites built with Vue.js, 

1. Behance:

2. Nintendo:

3. Gitlab:

4. Chess:

5. Laravel:

Future of Vue.js:

Other than new features and improvements, the active Vue.js community maintains and supports easily. Due to smart optimization and the fastest growth, the future of Vue.js is more and more bright. We all know that other similar competitive technologies are like React and Angular are on growing stage with popularity; that doesn’t mean that Vue.js is dying day by day. From Angular and React technologies, Vue.js has its own unique and different dominant position among the developers and in the market. 

With the high acceptance, Startups and Businesses are demanding and hire Vue.js developer more and more. That’s why there are a lot of job opportunities and future scope of Vue.js from both the side developers and business. 

Wrapping It Up:

Using Vue.js, you can make user-friendly and developer-friendly projects. It is fast, powerful, and high performing technology in this technological era. Some people are thinking that Vue.js is dying, but it not. If you search them, many companies are demanding and hire Vue.js developer because, with that, they can do their project that is attractive, unique, and highly reachable to users with impressive features.