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Trending! Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2017

Trending! Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for 2017

Social media monitoring is a process of utilizing the various social media channels in order to gather, track, and mine the information of certain individuals or groups, usually, a company or institution, so as to assess their reputation in the market.

Social media monitoring is also known as social media listening/measurement. With a wide expansion of digitization, most of the firms, including the startups have been effectively utilizing the concept of social media monitoring.

While considering the social media monitoring tools, you have should have an in-depth idea about your needs and the budget involved. These tools will help to track the online conversations in order to find the information about URL’s, hashtags, keywords, and other terms related to brands, businesses, and organizations.

Take a look at the top and trending Social Media Monitoring Tools used in the industry:

  • Keyhole – You can use Keyhole to track down the URL’s, hashtags or keywords on Twitter or Instagram. It assists in collecting the data and posting in real-time and thus, offering a historical data separately. It also presents the demographic information and depicts the flows in posting frequency.

    • Brandwatch – It will monitor and collect the data from various resources such as blogs, forums, news sources, review sites, Facebook, and much more. It adds a background to the online conversations by gauging the analytics. You will also receive the alerts when certain terms are mentioned.

    • CyberAlert It can be used to monitor the major news. Apart from tracking down the happening in social media platforms, the tool will also track down the keywords mentioned from more than 60000 news sources in nearly 250 languages. It will help you to classify these terms by brand, campaign, or media type.

    • IceRocket – If you give a huge importance to the result filters, try using IceRocket. You can easily narrow down the result by author, language, domain, or the publishing date.

      • Mention – With the help of Mention tool, you can track your mentions on any social networking platform such as Twitter or Facebook. You can make an easy interaction with the posts using the tracked keywords directly from the dashboard and also allocate them to different team members. The platform will also send you a notification or alert if someone else applies your keyword in a post.

    Try using these tools, to keep a track on your business on various social media platforms.

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    Troy Mueller 21/3/2018 · #4

    Great tools! I also use Snoopreport (, the social media monitoring tool that tracks user actions on Instagram as likes, comments and follows.

    Jan 🐝 Barbosa 18/7/2017 · #3

    Good article.. And better yet that its made in our very own producer tool !!!

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    Meera Das 17/7/2017 · #1

    @Binoj Nair Great success on adding values to other's knowledge. Great buzz!!

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