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How do you recover after failure?

Most people begin with making own promises and it is a good way to walk on this new way of life. The mind will be occupied with this construction and will forget the past problems.

A promise is in fact your projection in the future you want to see yourself. The secret is in fact the patience you have till touch this future.

The hastiness will push you back and old failure could repeat or bother your conscience.

Pacience is the pact you make with the revolution of thoughts .You can be upset on your past decisions that brought the failure but do not create conflicts between thinking and doing.

If your business failed some time, try to not find someone guilty for this. People is in a continuous movement and changing ,even you,so human factor affects but acts in concordance with the time and experiences lived . The business and you can be recovered only when the importance of landing on a new call to action page of your business is bigger than searching old content.

We all know that low -quality content has no target audience so lamenting about your fails will be in vane.  It has no goal or purpose so future will be killed by lost of precious time. It is not optimized ,it means is unsuccesfull.

If anybody says about you "He is still recovering " please answer: "Yes ,I work like a still ,I separate and purify thoughts,people and dreams.I am still,recovering!"

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Bravo !!