A Quick Book for Electric Chain Hoist

    • Electric chain hoist is extremely versatile and durable device which is ideal for the demanding workstation. It has a robust aluminium frame accompanied by a maintenance-free gearbox and a five-tooth chain sprocket. An intermediate teeth allows quiet operation and prompts longer chain life. The gearbox lowers operating temperature with the oil lubrication that increases its power. The 6:1 speed ratio offers a fast and precise movement with a corresponding improvement in work cycles.

      A Quick Book for Electric Chain Hoist

      A basic electric chain hoist configurations can be improved to promote crane safety and a longer service life. It has been generally designed to speed up work cycles, and improve safety and service life. Safety can be enhanced via injecting the features like hoist limit switch, securing brake and hook block.

      Important Factors for an Electric Chain Hoist

      • SWL of the Hoists- Determines the size and model of the hoist.
      • Height of Lift- Check length of the chain to determine if any extra chain is required
      • Supply Voltage- It is mandatory to notice as this is the voltage your hoist will run on.
      • Beam Flange Width- Identify the size of the beam trolley if you need one.
      • Number of Lifts Per Hour- It is required to ensure that you will receive the correct motor.
      • Dual Speed- Dual speed control is preferred for keeping a balance between a slow and fast speed.
      • Radio Remote Control- This mechanism is meant to enable the users to stand at a fair distance from the load.

      Features of the Electric Chain Hoist:

      • Downtime can be reduced with simple maintenance access and easy serviceability.
      • The self-adjusting magnetic brake is designed to ensure that no adjustments are required during the lifetime of the brake.
      • The components of the hoist are easily replaceable with the use of plug-in connections.
      • The brakes and slipping clutch are designed so that the load can be prevented from dropping or micro-slipping.

      A new-generation electric chain hoist boasts a modern ergonomic look for its quality of design. The best chain design can be chosen from the available list of plenty of chain hoists as per the holding requirements and appliance capability.