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Morning Routines for Entrepreneurs

Morning Routines for Entrepreneurs

As Entrepreneurs, our days are always long, there’s never enough time to get what we need to get done and sleep is one of those things we never think we’re getting enough of.  Which is most likely why I used to (and by used to, I mean 2 weeks ago) sleep in as long as my schedule would allow.  But what I was finding out was that the longer I slept in, the more stressed I was during the day and the less productive I felt like I was becoming.  I knew I needed a new approach and one morning while listening to my favorite podcast, I heard another Entrepreneur mention a book that in her opinion was a must have – Miracle Morning by Hal Enrod.

As I always do when I hear a good recommendation, I recorded it in my notes app and as soon as I was at the computer, I bought it.  A few days later I started reading. It was quickly evident that Hal wanted me to get up really early in the morning and take care of ME before I took care of my family, my partner, my dogs or my corporation.  I thought about just closing the book right then, but I spent the money, I might as well hear him out.

Now let me assure you, I’m not promoting this book for any reason whatsoever except that I love the concept and even more importantly, love the results!  Maybe you already get up at 5am and are thinking you don’t need to read any further, and maybe you do already have an effective morning routine that is a pinnacle for your success each day.  But I sure didn’t and for those of you that don’t either, I’d love to share a bit about my new routine and how it can help you to increase your energy, your productivity, your success and more!

The Morning Routine

Hal starts out by giving you a 5-step process to NOT hit snooze on the alarm.  Sounds like it should be simple enough, but I will tell you this was the most critical part to my new morning routine success.  The night before I decided I was actually going to commit to doing this, I had to sit and visualize myself getting up, going through the routine I set… over and over and over again.  The result, I was up at 4:10am, without an alarm and was actually EXCITED about getting up!  (that in itself is a miracle morning.)  But I truly had to talk myself into it, see myself doing it and even wrote down my goal to wake up early and my step by step morning routine to make it happen. (Are you getting the feeling that I didn’t like getting up early yet?)

Hal then goes on to provide a framework for a morning routine that will (and I promise, it works!) start your day off in a way that is sure to create increased energy, motivation, focus and success.  He provides detail on the process he calls Life SAVERS (Silence – Affirmation – Visualization – Exercise – Reading – Scribing.) It may sound challenging, but you can fit all 6 of these things into a 1 hour routine that will literally change your life, and quickly change your level of success in your business.

I want you to read the book and to create your own routine… and I’d love to hear how it goes!  But I thought I’d share the routine that I set up for myself:  I get up at 5 or 6 am (it depends on how much attention my hair and outfit are going to need that day, sad but it’s the truth.)  I immediately go into my exercise room and I just sit quietly for 1 minute, a brief meditation to center myself, followed by 15 minutes of yoga.  Then I hop up, put on my shoes and take my two pitbulls (who are loving this new routine too, because walks were few and far between lately) for a brisk 15 minute walk around the block. When we get back, I grab my iPad, my notebook and a book and head out to my porch.  I begin this 2nd half of my routine by journaling (while enjoying the sunrise, the birds and the breeze.)  I write about anything that comes to mind, personal or business (I use the Day One app on my ipad.)  Then I grab my notebook and write or read the affirmations that I’ve set for myself.  This is something we should all be doing. By saying it over and over to yourself, you are making it happen and you’ll see those affirmations start to become your own reality.  Then I close my eyes and visualize.  Again, depending on the day, I visualize different things.  Today I was visualizing a big presentation I’ll be giving later this week. When I take the stage, I will have already seen how great it’s going to go and half my stress and nervousness will quickly diminish.  And finally, if I have time to spare, I grab the book I brought out and read until my hour is over.   A friend once told me, “I don’t like reading, but I know I need to, so I’ve read 100 books, 15 minutes at a time.”

The Result

The end result… AMAZING!  During my first week following this Miracle Morning routine, I had more energy than I’ve felt in years, literally.  I got so much done last week that I got to take the WHOLE weekend off!  And most importantly, I feel as though I have a new purpose and have revitalized my focus on my business and where we are headed.  It’s a life changer, so much so that I just felt the need to share with you!  Give it a try and see for yourself what a difference an hour can make!

Jared J. Wiese 19/12/2016 · #7

#6 You'll be surprised at how bedtime affirmations get you to wake WITHOUT an alarm. You get all your stuff out the night before... and BAM, you're off.

Emily🐝 Bee 19/12/2016 · #6

Amazing, awesome, kick butt! I was looking for information online about the MM, and all I had to do was come to beBee. This is super informative because I'm considering doing it. My only issue is my husband who is a light sleeper. He stays up way too late at night, every night, and therefore is super grump if he's awoken. Any suggestions? He'll think I am bat crazy to get up at 6am, let alone 5am!

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Lisa Gallagher 6/12/2016 · #5

Inspiring! Im far from a morning person and it does cause more stress. I can also relate to the hair part ;-) Thanks for sharing, worth trying!

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Michele Williams 1/12/2016 · #4

Very helpful. Even if you already get up at 4am or 5am, this post might help you re-energize during that time.

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Jared J. Wiese 1/12/2016 · #3

#2 it's great for the accountability and feedback.
Speaking of, can't wait to hear more about yours!

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Bobbi Baehne 1/12/2016 · #2

#1 Thanks Jared! I absolutely LOVED the book and can't wait to go check out your profile and articles! I am in the Facebook group too, haven't spent much time in there lately but need to :)

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Jared J. Wiese 30/11/2016 · #1

Hal Elrod's book is a MUST READ!! I agree, the night-before prep is key and you CAN wake without an alarm if you are mentally set for it!
Shared in The Miracle Morning (TMM) hive.

I have listened to as many podcasts or videos as I can on TMM. In the book (Chapter 7) and in these videos, he found that you can do the 6 SAVERS in 6 minutes for those days when you are really busy - and still get close to 75% of the value! I came up with a process to incorporate TMM with the Five Minute Journal. I call it Six Minute Scribing:
You can search twitter for #SixMinuteScribing.

I am shooting for the books, "15 minutes at a time” habit too.

Have you heard about the Facebook community?

Thanks, Bobbi!

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