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Travel to Bhutan for an Ultimate Trekking Experience

Limited commercialization has ensured proper protection of the natural marvels in Bhutan. With lots to explore, learn why Bhutan is ideal for an awesome trekking experience.

Imagine you live in a country that takes into account your happiness as a representation of its prosperity! Yes, if you are a Bhutanese it will be easy for you to imagine this. The last Shangri-la, another name for Bhutan, takes in account the gross national happiness to judge the prosperity in their country, unlike other extremely capitalist nations that count on the gross capital income.

Travel to Bhutan for an Ultimate Trekking Experience

This little country practices isolationism to keep their rich traditions and cultures preserved and unaffected by the hyper-industrialization going on in the world.

Trekking in Nepal is a growing trend as Nepal has different kinds of trails to suit all kinds of trekking enthusiasts. But, Trekking in Bhutan is a class apart for reasons that this country is untouched by external factors especially when it comes to trekking and exploration, chances are you end up in regions that are untouched by civilization. And that is sometimes all that we need to know, that there is so much space that is still pure in its existence.

You can Head to these famous treks in Bhutan for a trekking experience of a lifetime, you’ll want to come back again:

  • The Druk Path Trek:
    To introduce you into trekking scenes in Bhutan this is the perfect trail to start with. In this trek you will come across the best of all that you can expect while trekking in Bhutan; from alpine forests, pristine lakes, the mountains to the exquisite wildlife.
    This is a 6 days trek that starts from Paro and ascends further to the adjacent mountains in Thimpu. From a height of 2000 m you reach a high point of 4200 m during the hike. When you descend the trek, down the Thimpu Valley, you will come across a panoramic view of the tallest peak in Bhutan, the Mount Gangkar Puensum (this stands at a height of 7570m).
  • The Snowman Trek:
    This is a very famous trek and is only attempted by extreme trekking enthusiasts. It is a 25 days long trek in which you go through the mountainous border region from Bhutan to Tibet. It starts from Paro in Bhutan, and ends in Lunana which is located in Northern Bhutan. While on this trek you come across 11 mountain passes. The highest among these passes will be the Gangla Karchungla that stands at a height of 5230 m. Then there are the other passes that are crossed such as Rinchenzoela at 5332m, Jaze la 5251m, Loju La 5155 m. This trek is best experienced in the month of October before the snow covers the passes in the winter season.
  • Bumtang Owl Trek:
    A not so difficult trek to scale, the Bumtang Owl trek is packed for so aspects of the local culture for your viewing pleasures. It is a 3 days trek and is nestled within bamboo and rhododendron trees. This trek starts at Dhur village; this is a host to a large population of nomadic herdsmen and their families. During this hike, you will reach an escalation of 3600m at the Drangela Pass. This is where one beholds the beautiful sight of the Mount Gangkar Puensum (this stands at a height of 7570m). While descending this trek, you will come across plenty of beautiful monasteries. The most famous being the Chodek Monastery that holds 100 stone carvings of Alokiteshwar, a highly honoured Bodisttava. If you are lucky you may also witness the sight of many beautiful and exotic birds and even the Black bear.
  • Duer Hot Spring Trek:
    This trek overlaps the Snowman Trek in Distance and is somewhat challenging because it is a 9 days Trek. The high peak point of this trek is Juli La that stands at a height of 4700 m. But the best part about it is when you halt and stay for a day at the pristine hot springs of Duer. The hot springs are known famously for curing ailments such as arthritis and sinusitis and are a holy site. Another things that it is famous for is passing through an intact ecosystem; one may even be lucky enough to spot the musk deer and the black bear among other wildlife.

Once you decide to trek in Bhutan make sure you visit one of these beautiful and enthralling Treks for a worthwhile experience.