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LinkedIn’s Top Skills and Jobs for 2018

LinkedIn’s Top Skills and Jobs for 2018Want to know the top skills for the 2018 job market and whether you’re a match? Look no further than LinkedIn’s top skills list for 2018. No brainer: “Computer stuff” tops the chart for the third straight year with Cloud and Distributed Computing and Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, in the #1 and #2 hottest hard skills, respectively. If you’re a computer nerd, you’re in luck.

I found out something interesting today while talking to a fellow career coach, Ramon Santillan, Jr. He specializes in helping people on the autism and Asperger’s scales, who have high levels of intelligence, get jobs at big tech and engineering firms. The skills in demand in the market might match well to some of their capabilities.

What’s new on the 2018 top skills list is that LinkedIn has expanded into soft skills. Topping that list are Leadership and Communication, which for good reason are the personal attributes most in demand by employers today. One of my favorite places to increase both of those skills is the Wright Foundation for the Realization of Human Potential. Let me know if you want information about their trainings in leadership and social and emotional intelligence.

LinkedIn’s List of Top Skills for 2018

Soft Skills

  • Leadership: You may have heard that you’re always leading. It’s just a matter of toward what. Companies are looking for leaders who support and motivate the people around them, delegate vs. micromanage, assert themselves appropriately, and take swift action, all in service of organizational goals.
  • Communication: Good communication includes such important skills as good use of language both in speech and in writing, speaking up when something needs to be discussed, following direction, asking the appropriate level of questions, following proper c